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U.S. 90 Access Rd, San Antonio, TX, USA

U.S.— Itinerary 90 or U.S. Highway 90 (US 90) is a major highway in the south of the United States to the east and west. Notwithstanding the “0” in its route number, the US 90 had never been a true coast-to-coast road; it had always ended at Van Horn, Texas, with the exception of a short-lived northward extension to US 62/US 180 near Pine Springs, Texas, which lasted less than a year, and the signs on that section were modified to Texas State Highway 54, which traveled from Interstate 10(I-10) to Exit 140A, heading northward. On 29 August 2005, a number of highway bridges in Mississippi and Louisiana were destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Katrina, including Bay St. Louis Bridge, Biloxi Bay Bridge and Fort Pike Bridge. The U.S. 90 has seven I-10 exits in Florida. It also covers part of the DeSoto Trail between Tallahassee and Lake City, Florida.

The Texas Route

US 90 starts at the intersection of BLI-10 and SH 54 in downtown Van Horn. It then continues south-southeast towards Marfa, where the road starts towards the east in general. The road is mostly two lanes to the west of Uvalde. At this point, it becomes a four-lane surface road until it enters the western part of Bexar County, where it becomes a freeway to theI-10 in downtown San Antonio. This concurrence with theI-10 persists intermittently through western Houston, where the US 90 meets the Katy Freeway. The portion of US 90, which is multiplexed withI-10through Houston, is the only part of the unsigned route. In East Houston, US 90 separates fromI-10 and travels northeast to Liberty, finally passing through downtown Beaumont, where it meetsI-10 for the remainder of its path through Texas.

The US 90 speed limit between Van Horn and Del Rio is primarily 75 miles per hour (121 km / h). Beginning at Seguin, U.S. 90 Alternate departs from U.S. 90 and continues parallel to the south to the main route northeast of Houston. In 1991, the construction of a four-to six-lane highway northeast of Houston in Harris County was completed along a proposed US 90-lane route, which was named the Crosby Freeway. 

This portion moved from just inside Beltway 8 to the east of Crosby Town. Construction began in 2006 to expand the highway west to the junction ofI-10 (East Highway) andI-610 (East Loop). The new extension officially opened on 24 January 2011. Due to lack of funds, overpasses were not constructed over Greens Bayou and over the future Purple Sage Avenue, forcing traffic to briefly exit the frontage roads before entering the highway.

San Antonio, Texas features the following major freeways:

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