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About Meadow Village in San Antonio, TX 78227

Meadow Village is a family-oriented neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas. The community is situated on the southern edge of the metropolitan area, giving residents easy access to major freeways and employment centers. This quiet community is also close to downtown attractions like La Villita and all that it has to offer. While Meadow Village doesn’t have any restaurants or shopping centers, you’ll find plenty of things to do right outside your door! 

Are you looking for an affordable place with lots of space? You might be interested in checking out this neighborhood!

Things to Do in Meadow Village

Meadow Village is a great place to visit for those who live in or are visiting San Antonio. It’s located just about 30 miles outside of the city and offers some beautiful views, unique shops, and delicious restaurants. It also has everything you need for an enjoyable day. There are many things to do such as visiting the historic sites, eating at one of the restaurants, or enjoying time with family and friends. Here’s a short list of our favorites:

SeaWorld is a theme park that has all sorts of different animals. Not only does SeaWorld have dolphins, killer whales and sea lions but they also provide rides for the whole family to enjoy! There are interactive play areas with things like Shamu stadium (for those who want to test their skills), penguin island where you can feed them fish from your hand, sealife adventures aquariums which feature sharks in tanks so big kids can touch them or even pet feeding turtles- it’s up to you how close an interaction you’re looking for. You’ll never run out of fun activities because there are over 100 acres inside with something new around every corner including shows and other attractions too!


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You can walk, jog or bike the River Walk in San Antonio. It’s a beautiful place and one of Texas’ best entertainment areas with history lessons too! The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is also here if you’re looking for an awesome date night idea. Plus there are tons more things to do: Brackenridge Park has 3 urban oases; La Mansion Del Rio Hotel & Spa offers luxurious accommodations overlooking downtown San Antonio while Mission Concepcion teaches about missions from Spanish colonization and Mission Espada showcases how Anglo Americans contributed as well during their time – both offering great stories that make this city so special.


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For decades, the San Antonio Botanical Garden has been at the forefront of education and inspiration. The garden’s history starts with a vision from two women in 1939 who wanted to build something for their community that would be beautiful and educate people about Texas native plants. Over forty years later on May 3rd 1980, they finally opened what is now one of the most noteworthy botanical centers in all of Texas!   

The San Antonio Botanical Garden aspires to be the best regional botanic garden in America. From its commitment to providing outstanding displays and diverse collections of flora, education opportunities for visitors, environmental stewardship through sustainable practices like recycling wastewater onsite into a lake that is home to over 100 native species of plants and animals or their work with local schools by teaching children about how natural resources are finite but renewable – all these aspects make it clear why they should receive recognition nationally! 

The serene environment also makes this place an escape from the hustle-and-bustle life downtown near Riverwalk where you can feel nature’s peace while still being surrounded by artfully designed gardens.


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Six Flags Fiesta is the best theme park in America! From thrilling roller coasters to live shows and shops, there’s something for everyone. For thrill seekers, Six Flags has over 100 acres of space that includes more than 25 types of rides including some really fast ones too! Repeat visitors can’t wait to see their favorite character at one of their many family-friendly areas or enjoy a concert by one artist who performs on site almost every night during peak season.  

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is the first and only company of its sort in San Antonio’s La Cantera neighborhood. Gaylord Entertainment Company built it, and it debuted on March 14, 1992, to much excitement from residents and visitors eager for a good time! Six Flags Theme Park eventually bought the park, which continues to provide great entertainment for families looking for thrills during their stay.


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Ground Control Ultimate Trampoline Park in San Antonio, Texas is a fantastic location for individuals of all ages to be active and socialize with their friends. The newest trampoline park is home to two story walls-to-wall linked tramps with 15,000 square feet for jumping and plenty more fun activities too! There’s the foam pit where jumpers can try their skills on some low flying obstacles or shoot lasers at friends across the arena while dodging light beams from above; arcade area full of games like air hockey and ping pong tables so you’re never bored during your visit. At ground control there really is something for everyone: kids will love it because no one goes without an awesome time when they come here!

They provide trampolines specially designed for kids as well as adults; dodgeball courts, basketball hoops (with various levels), and other fun stuff!

Whether you need an escape from the daily grind or just want some exercise while having fun on your vacation they will take care of everything.


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Living in Meadow Village

This peaceful neighborhood has a lot to offer families seeking for a safe place to call home. It has a lot of space, a lot of trees, and lovely architecture. It’s a fantastic neighborhood with excellent amenities that is especially inviting to families with children. The people are nice, and you can wander about at night without worry of being attacked, something you can’t do anywhere in Texas. There are also a few nice eateries in the area that deliver for free to homeowners, which is quite convenient! Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

In 1998, pastor Mario Nava and his wife Irma were called by God to plant a church that would serve the San Antonio community. From its inception, God’s hand was upon this new work and Living Faith Church has already grown through many stages.

Right from day one they had family meetings in their living room until it grew too big for their space so then they moved on up into an elementary school where they kept growing as time went by. They have always been able to grow because the Lord blessed them with their current property and building which is more than enough now.


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Marbach Christian Church in San Antonio, TX is here to serve God and their community near and far. They love to worship the Lord and study His Word of promises every day! The congregation members are always welcoming new faces with open arms as they have a special place for everyone in this church- whether you’re searching or just passing by!

Marbach Christian Church welcomes all visitors into its doors each Sunday morning at 9:30am where worshippers can experience powerful singing, biblical teaching from their pastors about how Jesus’ death saved us so we could live forevermore surrounded by family that has been changed through Christ’s goodness too.


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Liberty Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX is a group of ordinary people seeking an extraordinary God who knows that it’s not about being perfect- but rather becoming more and more like Jesus. Whether you’re new to the faith or need help finding your place at church, Liberty has something for everyone!


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Regeneration Ministries was founded and established by Pastor Jose & Maria De Leon in 1995 through prayer and obedience to God’s calling in their lives. The church was formed to practice the Christian faith with other believers regardless of their social standing, race, or denomination–it is a place where Christians can come together without all that needless following of traditions which divide us among each other.

Regeneration ministries began as an institution for practicing Christianity under any circumstance including status outside society (race) or denominations because they believe this will unite rather than separate people.

If you live in or around San Antonio, Texas then there is a church that would love to have you. Lackland Terrace Church of Christ has been serving the community for over 50 years and they are always looking to expand their reach. They offer Sunday School classes for all ages, Bible studies, and parenting classes on top of their regular services. 

If you’re interested in more information about this church you may stop by on any given Sunday morning at 9:30am and take a tour with one of their friendly staff members who would be happy to answer any questions!

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Meadow Village

This is a family-friendly community that’s close to schools. There’s also a lot of green space here with parks all around that give residents places to spend their leisure time outdoors!

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a must-see for any visitor to the city. You can walk, bike, or take public transportation to various missions and see them in many different ways. There are three visitor centers that you can start your journey from: Mission Concepcion, Mission San Jose and Mission San Juan – all located within a few blocks of each other. These were built by Franciscan missionaries in the 17th century. They are all within walking distance from each other so you can easily visit them all in one day if you choose to explore on foot! The park has two trails that will lead you around the missions as well as many picnic areas where you can enjoy lunch or dinner with friends and family. 

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a great place to explore and learn about the history of Texas. It’s also a perfect spot for nature lovers, as it has beautiful trails that go through some of Texas’ most diverse ecosystems. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear when exploring this national park because there are no paved roads or sidewalks – just dirt paths with occasional trees or cactus plants along the way!


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Standing just below the headwaters of San Antonio’s River, Brackenridge Park has been a gathering place for people for many years. Established in 1899 and spanning 343 acres with tree-lined paths and picnic areas along 2 miles of the riverfront, playgrounds and softball fields, miniature train rides built by locals from recycled materials to teach children about history; historic structures like Witte Museum that houses over 3 million artifacts on natural science exhibits; or even their zoo that features more than 220 species including Texas’ first black bear exhibit.

Many parks in San Antonio have fallen into disrepair, but the Brackenridge Park Conservancy is making sure that this public space will not be one of them. The organization seeks to increase participation from volunteers and sponsors through their wide range of programming such as special events, board activities, or long-term planning with Parks & Recreation Department staff.

The Brackenridge Park Conservancy is a non-profit organization that works to preserve the natural, historic and recreational resources of this beautiful park for future generations. The group does not charge an admission fee because they want it so everyone can enjoy their hard work!

The Brackenridge Park Conservancy has been taking care of the beauty of this park since 1989. They do everything from preserving our history, educating people on how we take care and protect nature by hosting free events at different times throughout the year or advocate for changes among city leaders if needed – all with one goal in mind: make sure these amazing treasures are around forever more.


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The International School of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas is a school that focuses on using project based learning to engage their students. They are constantly working with these kids and preparing them for an increasingly globalized society through real world scenarios which they will face as adults one day.

The International School of the Americas is a magnet school for grades 9-12 in San Antonio, Texas. The ISA has an intentionally small student body and their Model United Nations conference MUNSA is one of the largest such conferences in the country – it’s also run by students!

School of Science and Technology San Antonio is a tuition-free public charter school that offers students 6-12 the opportunity to get an education focused on STEM. School leaders have reimagined traditional schooling by making it more student-focused, hands-on, and centered around subjects like math or science – which will help prepare them for their future careers in one of these fields!

The School of Science and Technology San Antonio understands the importance of student success. Their 100% college graduation rate is a testament to this, as they always help their students succeed in life beyond school. They provide resources for all students that are necessary throughout their K-12 journey, which has led them to have an impressive 99% high school graduation rate!


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Health Careers High School is focused on equipping students with the knowledge and skills for a career in health care. The school integrates rigorous academics, including an exploration of careers within healthcare fields, into their curriculum to ensure that all graduates are prepared for a successful future as they seek out service-oriented professions.

Healthcare has become one of most sought after industries today because it offers rewarding jobs with opportunities to make meaningful contributions to people’s lives every day through compassionate work practices and integrity standards. Health Careers High School works hard at providing its students both quality academic training so they may be equipped academically with real world applications of medical knowledge and skills while also making sure that education goes beyond just textbooks learning.

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