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Memphis, Tennessee

Beale is the most visited attraction in Tennessee, and it is America’s most iconic street (according to USA TODAY’s 10Best). It’s no wonder that Beale Street draws millions of tourists from all over the world every year with music broadcast from every open door, music icons along its cobbled walkways and remembers the rich history of the city everywhere you look. We broke down stuff into five specific ways in order to help you get the feel of Beale Street and appreciate the strip of rock, soul and neon.

Part of Beale Street’s charm is the stroll down the strip. You will find the atmosphere hypnotic while spanning the roads for the rockin show and appreciate pop-up businesses in W.C. with over two dozen bars and nightclubs, street performers and nice people. Mobile Park. Arrive at about 7 p.m. Hard Rock Café next to Beale’s West End. Take a quick drink before you continue your journey at night. Visit every walk-up bar, order a signature drink from Memphis, Walk Me Down-an elegant blue sampling of seven different liquors. Watch the Beale Street Flippers turn the cobblestone street into a runway for aerial sails as the spectators wind up the sidewalks. See the brass musical notes on the sidewalks that remember Memphi ‘s music legends. You can hear conversations in English, Italian , German and more while you’re walking the street. It should become clear that the world-wide soundtrack is still being revolutionized by the city decades later. international adoration.

You may want to rest somewhere, and finish your goal after walking the strip and meeting the invariably chatty promoters at each rest. Try the open-air courtyard of Silky O’Sullivan, in which resident chicks engage happily with their fans. For another Beale Street classic, order a gallon-sized cocktail in a bucket from Silky ‘s signature “Diver.” Goats, drinks, even an energetic environment-these are all Queen Barbara Blue’s accessories, who dominate the bar with her powerful voice in funky, soul-filled blues-y pieces! You’ll soon know.

When night is cold, people gather in his famed park around the W.C. Handy statue to give free concerts. Electrical is the feeling. Participants from all ages assemble for a groove session of a Memphis theme. During the summer months, the bands of Memphis present a number of free concerts that provide an interplay between rock, punk and funk and folk styles.

You get into the Blues Hall with a nominal cover. The walls are hung by white light strands within the enclosed space, and framed paintings offer the look of a living room of someone. The bands that perform here sacrifice their souls and blues for intimate sets – a quick warm-up to the next thing that comes.

Blues Hall’s bond with Rum Boogie Café, so you can get two one-cover experiences. Step through the adjacent door for an entirely different view and sound: inside Rum Boogie, the neon lights spelling the STAX glow red, illuminate a series of guitars, every single one suspended and called, from Bobby Rush to the Black Crowes, from the ceiling. Vince Johnson and the Boogie Blues Band take the stage at about 9 pm every night a week – harmonika, guitar, Hammond organ and all – and it sounds almost like the live music on Beale Street when they break out into “Green Onions” or “Walking the Dog.”

This amazing museum is located in beautiful Memphis, Tennessee, along with these other must-see museums you shouldn’t miss: 

  • Graceland
  • National Civil Rights Museum 
  • Stax Museum of American Soul Music
  • Memphis Zoo 
  • Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum
  • Mud Island
  • Shelby Farms Park

These amazing museums are located just down the street from our location at South Third Street across from The Southgate Shopping Center. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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