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Memphis Botanic Garden is a place that offers something for everyone. The garden features a Japanese-style pavilion, Tennessee’s largest outdoor bamboo forest, and the third oldest living botanical garden in North America. It also has been home to one of the most successful native plant restoration projects in the United States.

It is a botanical garden and arboretum located in Memphis, Tennessee. This beautiful place has seasonal flowers, lush trees and vegetation, fountains and water features, an edible garden with fresh produce to take home, a sensory garden with fragrant plants that can be touched and smelled. The gardens are open year-round during daylight hours every day of the week. 

The 96-acre Memphis Botanic Garden is located within the confines of Audubon Park. If you’re trying to get away from city life, then this place can be an excellent refuge for its daily visitors who are allowed free access every day! There’s also a children’s garden called My Big Backyard which makes it even more interesting and appealing as there will always be someone around your age so that it won’t feel like such a lonely escape.

The garden is very diverse, with 85 different types of magnolias and many Chinese water pines in the conifer collection. The gardens are close to nature, allowing visitors to learn more about plants while they enjoy them. Visitors can use 23 specialty gardens if studying plant life or flowers sounds interesting to them!


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Each year, the Memphis Botanic Garden organizes a variety of community and educational activities such as The Daffodil Dash Race, Family Egg Hunt, and Mother’s Day Jazz Brunch. In addition to this, it also offers plant sales throughout the year which help support education initiatives like an annual concert series that raise funds for children too!

Since 1953, Audubon Park has been steadily growing with additions such as arboretum (1957) and Magnolia Gardens (1958). They also relocated rose gardens from elsewhere on campus to their new place in Audubon Park. 

In 1964 the construction of what is now called The Goldsmith Civic Garden Center began which provided office spaces for administration officials along with having an auditorium for holding events inside one part while another held a water-themed space. This complex would later be expanded to include an additional auditorium and gift shop.

This place is a real wonder for nature lovers, so if you’re looking for something interesting and natural to do in Memphis then the Botanic Garden should be near the top of your list! With beautiful flowers, plants, trees, and more there’s always something that’ll catch your eye here which makes it perfect for all ages!

Memphis, Tennessee, has some of the country’s most diverse and gorgeous botanical gardens. Here’s a short list of our favorites: 

  • My Big Backyard at Memphis Botanic Garden
  • Oaklawn Garden
  • Carlisle S. Page Arboretum
  • Overton Park Formal Gardens
  • Rhodes College Arboretum
  • Danny & Rose Marie Thomas Memorial Garden
  • Dixon Gallery & Gardens
  • Central Gardens Neighborhood

These amazing gardens are located just down the street from our location at Summer Avenue between Estridge Drive and Eastern Drive. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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