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Mud Island, Island Dr, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

The new dog park extends 1,3 acres, containing separate fenced areas for large and small dogs, water fountains and benches. The region is open every day from sunrise to sunset. The nearly $500,000 park is situated in the Mississippi River Greenbelt Park just south of the A.W. Willis Bridge.

The Mississippi River model is so complex that you are truly astounded by the details. Dogs will enjoy swimming across the river in narrow areas and wading in deeper areas. The real treat is when you eventually get to the end of the walk where the River flows into the Gulf of Mexico. You’re just going to be very blown away by this park. People love the specifics and the attention that has been given to the design of this park. There are also areas where the walls clarify where you are in the river and where you are. There is a small shop with an enclosed bathroom at the end of the park.

This is an island park on the Mississippi River, with plenty of walking trails, an open-air theater and a scaled down version of the entire river. This one is really interesting. You can see how the shape of the river varies at various places. There is also a museum dedicated to the river. The entire island is now in a deserted ghostly mood. It wasn’t a success for some reason. You can walk on a bridge across the river to get to the island-this offers a beautiful view of the river.

This park is about to update, so if you’re coming at the right time it has a lot to offer. It’s fun to follow the scale model of the Mississippi River, particularly if you’re a river buff. It offers a lovely view of the city if you walk to the end of the park. It’s a fun spot to watch the fireworks on the 4th. It’s a perfect concert venue. People swim in the water and the park in the summer. It’s the best time to sunset on the water. It’s just a fun , easy attraction to walk around, most likely not too crowded. It’s probably not the thing to put at the top of your list, but if you have time, it’s worth checking out. People like to take pictures of a giant Memphis sign at the end of the park. It provides a lovely view of the river and the bridge.

The park itself has a lot to give in the form of a tram and/or footbridge to carry you from the mainland to Mud Island free of charge, a museum dedicated to the Mississippi River, a replica of the Mississippi River and all the states it crosses, an amphitheater, kayaking, etc.

Mud Island River Park in Memphis is one of the most common attractions for a number of reasons. Starting with the pedestrian bridge over the Missing River, the bridge that provides access to the park is worth a visit. The bridge offers a large view of the river and its banks and the skyline of the area, including the famous Pyramid. Then, once in the park, the roughly half-mile flowing model of the Lower Mississippi River is a piece of wonder on its own. The model is a compilation of details about the Mississippi River and the past of the river. One could spend hours absorbing all the knowledge shown. Then there’s the River Museum (paid admission), but there’s no reviews here because I didn’t visit it.

Mud Island is not only an island, but a peninsula in the river, and there is road access to the island. Yet it’s a lot more fun to walk over the bridge. Currently, the park continues to need repairs at some sites. However, don’t miss a visit to the beautiful Mud Island River Park while you’re in Memphis.

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These amazing dog parks are located just down the street from our location at Summer Avenue between Estridge Drive and Eastern Drive. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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