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Sea Isle Dog Park is pet friendly. Located at Sea Isle Elementary School Park, this recreation area is home to three foot high berms, benches and poop stations to clean up after your pooch. It’s a fenced-in park and a perfect place for your dog to socialize. The dog park is big and there are poop stations. There is also a kids park right next to the dog park. The park is clean.

Dogs in East Memphis have another option to stretch their legs. Thanks to Sea Isle Park Community Association (SIPNA), dog lover Hal Lovett (a long-time resident of Sea Isle Park) and generous support from local Hollywood Feed, Sea Isle Dog Park has opened.

Dozens of dogs and their owners took part in the grand opening of the Sea Isle Dog Park. Dogs of all sizes were given the chance to run around the park, work some of their energy, and make new friends.

Hal Lovett, a long-time resident of the Sea Isle Park area, first took this concept to city officials a few years ago. “I planned landscaping like berms. It was my idea to build something like a rainbow bridge for living pets, and you can see how the pets they’re having a nice time, “Lovett said.

The Hollywood Feed Pet Supplies Store funded a park near Sea Isle Elementary. The park is open every day from 6 a.m. to  8 p.m. This is a beautiful, clean place for dogs to roam. It’s a spacious enclosed area for added comfort. It is surrounded by a 1-mile walking trail that can also be used if needed.

It’s a very fun spot for doggies. A fully fenced-only for a pooch in the city. They’ve got a major play room. The middle of it is a broad “bone” hill. It’s got water and pots. Double fenced area for protection and most dogs are released. Plenty of human places to sit and watch the action of play. It’s all right in the middle of the sea island park.

The area has a lot of pride in its park. They’ve got people who are going to walk and clean up garbage and dog poop. They’re a dog friendly neighborhood, and even those people who don’t need a dog park enjoy getting one. They want their dogs to have new, cool water in the heat of Memphis. Most of all, they want to keep the park safe, which means people won’t have to put water in plastic jugs left inside the dog park.

This dog park in beautiful Memphis, Tennessee, along with these other dog parks you and your furbaby shouldn’t miss: 

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These amazing dog parks are located just down the street from our location at Summer Avenue between Estridge Drive and Eastern Drive. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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