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830 Island Dr, Memphis, TN 38103

Mississippi River Greenbelt Park

On the north end of Mud Island in Memphis, TN

Site Directions: Take Auction Avenue north of the Pyramid from downtown Memphis west across to Mud Island. Go north along Island Drive at the Mud Island traffic circle to the venue.

Lat-Long: 35.1789, -90.0563

Hours: Always open

Seasonality: year round

Fees: none

Landmarks: The Pyramid in downtown Memphis is just east of the site.

Site Description: The site is situated next to the Mississippi River and is a traditional urban park. It mainly consists of open fields of lawn with small trees.

The park offers good views of the mainstem habitats of the Mississippi River. There is an excellent articulated concrete reinforcement boat ramp that provides access to the Mississippi River.

Wildlife to Watch: The site is a good place to see birds flying along the river, especially during migration, and a variety of species can be seen.

In the landside areas of the park, traditional “backyard” urban organisms can also be seen.

And this park is an absolutely gorgeous example of why people like walking by the water. It is cooler, you get a nice breeze, plus there is just the calming effect of being by water. Most people believe it has something to do with the way water sounds…or probably the waves. Granted, you wouldn’t want to go swimming in it, but when do people actually ever get in the water? Everyone else just kinda waded in like a little girl. And if you are adamant about getting in the water, you can rent a kayak down the way so you can “be in the water.” It doesn’t really look safe though because the current is so strong and you might get terrified of the brown water. But still, this place is great.

Another awesome benefit of this place is that there are spectacular people watching. You can see the college kids playing frisbee, the grandparents with their grandkids, couples with their dog baby – all walks of life, etc.

Definitely one of the best (and prettiest) parks in the city.

Memphis, Tennessee, is home to some gorgeous green, open spaces and parks for you to lose yourself in.  Check out these others you shouldn’t miss: 

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These amazing parks are located just down the street from our location at South Third Street across from The Southgate Shopping Center. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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