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Tour De Wolf Trail is a 9.0 kilometer long loop trail located near Memphis, Tennessee, which features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail provides a range of activities and is open throughout the year. Dogs are also allowed to use this trail, but they must be kept on leash.

Tour de Wolf is a two-way trail, but most riders take it clockwise. There are several parking areas in the park with connections to the trail, but the main trail as it ends at the west end closes the playground. There is decent signage along the trail. There are a few low spots that remain wet and muddy after a good storm, so please give time to dry.

You start with winding single-track through a wooded area and alternate with open fields and other short wooded sections. No challenging technical areas, however be prepared for some rooty parts with slight drops.

Dogs are supposed to be leached on most of the trail, but you’ll see some off-leash, particularly close to the large dog park above the northeast portion. The park has horses that use their own trail, but the riders have been known to wander through the TdW areas. Watch the trailbombs. Memphis is hot in the summer, and the open field sections can be a sweat festival. Be prepared for the sun.

The trail itself provides a straightforward path that is perfect for any level of experience. Hills are on the way, but nothing daunting. On the trail, you’ll encounter a lot of cutting in and out of trees as well as exciting turns – a perfect way to make it feel like you’re on a fast track. This leaves the Tour De Wolf with fantastic features. When you begin to make it on the western side of the trail, it’s more complex than on the eastern side.

You can park your vehicle anywhere at the Shelby Farms and find the Tour De Wolf, but most people prefer to park at the north entrance of the dog park (Silo Road). The trail ends at Patriot Lake, which also has a large parking area. Either it’s a nice place to leave your car.

Beautiful Memphis, Tennessee, is jam-packed with some of the state’s best hiking trails. If you’re a resident or just a visitor, make sure to check these hikes with your friends and family: 

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These amazing trails are located just down the street from our location at South Third Street across from The Southgate Shopping Center. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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