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509 King William St, San Antonio, TX 78204, USA

Edward Steves Homestead is located in San Antonio, Bexar County, U.S. state of Texas. It was designed by architect Alfred Giles and declared the Texas Recorded Historic Landmark. In 1952, the main house was donated to the San Antonio Conservation Society. 

The company has completely restored the main house as a museum and is now offering regular tours. The entire property consists of four separate structures: the main house museum, the carriage house, the river house, and the servants ‘ quarters. It is listed as a contributor to the King William Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places in Bexar County, Texas. Alfred Giles, an employee of John H. Kampmann, is credited with the construction of the main house. Locally quarried limestone was used for the building of a four-bedroom house. It was completed for $15,000 in 1877. In 1970, the house was declared Recorded Texas Historic Landmark. The building has a mansard roof and 13-inch-thick external walls. It was quite modern for its day, with a telephone line, electrical lighting and running water. The house’s lounge doors featured American-made etched glass frames.

The main house at home was deeded by Edward Steves ‘ granddaughter, Edna Steves Vaughan, and her husband, Curtis Vaughan, to the San Antonio Conservation Society (SACS) in 1952. SACS retains its home as a museum and carries out regular tours. Once SACS first approached Vaughan to buy the property, Vaughan offered to donate the house with the stipulation that current residents would be retained as caregivers. The grounds, exterior and interior of the French Second Empire style house were restored in 1954 as a museum with period furniture. With a lot of the original furniture gone, the Steves family donated a lot of their own parts for the reconstruction. Among the items added to the reconstruction was a mosaic table depicting St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. When SACS was renovated, Yale University donated an antique 1857 Chickering and Sons grand piano.

In addition to the main residence, the property includes three houses. The carriage house watched over the main house and all other buildings on the property. Built in 1875, the stone cart and frame house was restored in 1976–77. The quarters of servants were erected in 1877 and rebuilt in 1983-84. The one-storey brick building known as the River House once housed the first Natatorium of San Antonio. As SACS reclaimed the property of the home, they filled the river house pool with flooring and started to use the building for their operations.

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