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Oaklawn Garden is a two-acre public garden located in Germantown, Tennessee. The space was formerly home to an elementary school and now provides the public with access to green spaces for relaxation, learning, fitness activities, and more. There are several activity areas including flower gardens, a sensory garden, a play area for children of all ages and abilities as well as picnic tables scattered throughout the grounds that can be rented by families or organizations.

Oaklawn Garden features seasonal events such as gardening workshops where participants learn about planting techniques and care of plants during different seasons. It’s open year-round from dawn until dusk Monday through Friday but closed on weekends so there are no interruptions for our beloved volunteers who maintain this beautiful space!

History of Oaklawn Garden

The Oaklawn Garden is a beautiful spot to spend the day. The historic private residence, built in 1854, sits on twenty acres of flora including azaleas and daffodils that are stunning when they bloom in Spring. In 1924 it was established as a garden with birch trees, oak trees, and bushes all around for beauty along with tiny local animals everywhere you turn!

Oaklawn Garden is now a public garden and museum. The property was purchased in 1918 by Swiss immigrant Fritz Hussy, who bought it with his niece Mamie Cloyes and her husband Harry Cloyes. Together they turned the land into a thriving commercial nursery thanks to Mamie’s horticultural abilities and Fritz’s retail experience.

Mamie Cloyes passed the firm to her son Harry Frederick and his wife Becky in 1968. Harry began collecting, displaying, and giving tours to school groups about historic items of their family’s collection while producing a description of all they had accumulated over time.

Harry and Becky Cloyes donated land to Germantown for a public park, garden, and history museum.

Museum Exhibits

The Oaklawn Garden museum exhibit features historic objects related to local cultural history, as well as railroad and local transportation history. The outdoor collection is integrated into the botanical garden and park while an interior display takes place in a former flower shop that was constructed in 1957 at Oaklawn Garden.

The privately-owned botanical garden, park, and museum at Oaklawn Garden are open to the public as of 2009. There’s limited parking available free entrance for visitors into the outdoor area only; a self-guided tour booklet detailing the history and interpreting numbered displays in both indoor and outdoor collections are provided.

Oaklawn Garden is a beautiful place to visit when you are in Germantown, Tennessee. It has several different types of plants and flowers that are sure to please anyone who visits. If you have ever been looking for an escape from city life every once in a while, this garden will surely provide it!

Memphis, Tennessee, has some of the country’s most diverse and gorgeous botanical gardens. Here’s a short list of our favorites: 

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These amazing gardens are located just down the street from our location at Summer Avenue between Estridge Drive and Eastern Drive. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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