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About the Jacksonville Heights Neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Heights Neighborhood is located in Jacksonville, Florida with a 12, 699 population, it is a perfect location for those looking to experience the tranquility of suburban life and still be close enough so they can easily commute into downtown Jacksonville. With many parks, an active nightlife scene coupled with beautiful natural scenery this cute little community has something available no matter your interests or needs. Also, if you're looking for a charming and historic neighborhood to call home in Jacksonville, Florida, look no further than Jacksonville Heights. This vibrant community offers a great mix of homes dating back to the early 1900s and all the modern amenities you need.

Things to Do in Jacksonville Heights Neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida

The Jacksonville Heights neighborhood is located in the northwestern part of Jacksonville, Florida. It's a great place to live if you're looking for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. There are plenty of things to do in this vibrant community, from taking a walk in the park to shopping at the local stores. Here’s a shortlist of our favorites things to do in this amazing community:

  • Planet Fitness | 7628 103rd St Units 16-20, Jacksonville, FL 32210, United States

Whether you’re a first-time gym user or an experienced fitness professional, Planet Fitness make sure that their club is clean and welcoming. Their friendly staff members are always ready to help with any questions regarding your workout regimen. They have certified trainers that provide individualized programs for those who need extra guidance on how to best utilize their time to achieve desired results at home as well as during training sessions. All while respecting every member's right not only to lift weights but also to feel comfortable doing it so.

The Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club is a member-owned organization that has been providing safe shooting facilities since 1965. The annual membership allows you unlimited use of our ranges and daily access for occasional shooters who may only want to use certain parts at specific times, which closes around dusk except for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The range offers an excellent facility for shooting enthusiasts to train at their preferred distances. There are pistol, rifle, and shotgun stations available with 25, 50-100, or 200 yards options depending on what you're looking forward to. For those interested in competition, there are monthly matches each month which include small bore, and black powder target competitions as well.

The Bent Creek Golf course is a challenging 6, 620-yard masterpiece that has been enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike since it opened in 1989. The meandering terrain will test your skills as you make your way through certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary land with towering pines on every side of creeks or swales, all while playing next to an award-winning lighted practice facility housing the academy where professionals teach courses such as this one. There are also several other amenities on-site, such as their clubhouse. Whether you're looking for a great place to play or just want to check out the course, Bent Creek Golf Course is worth a visit.

Living in Jacksonville Heights Neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida

If you're looking for a thriving and vibrant community to call home, look no further than the Jacksonville Heights neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida. This neighborhood is full of friendly and welcoming residents, making it the perfect place to raise a family. With plenty of activities and events to get involved in, you'll never be bored living here. Plus, with its great location near downtown Jacksonville, you'll have easy access to all the city has to offer. So if you're thinking about moving to Jacksonville Heights, be sure to check out all the amazing benefits this neighborhood has to offer.

Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

River City Community Church is committed to helping every generation become fully devoted followers of Christ. They have a casual and welcoming atmosphere, and the people are passionate about their faith. River City Community church also has a wide variety of programs and activities for members of all ages. Whether you're interested in Bible studies, worship services, or social events, there's something for everyone at River City Community Church.

The Westside Baptist Church is a religious organization located in Jacksonville, Florida. The church is devoted to spreading the word of God and helping those in their community. They offer various services to those in need and strive to make a positive impact on their neighborhood. They have also a casual atmosphere where you can feel comfortable just being yourself. And the people there are friendly and welcoming.  If you're looking for a place to worship or just want to learn more about the Bible, the Westside Baptist Church is worth checking out.

  • Harvest Ministries | Jax Campus, 2550 Fouraker Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32210, United States

Westside Baptist Church is a church located in Jacksonville, Florida. The church is made up of people from all different backgrounds and beliefs, and everyone is welcome. The church is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping people build strong relationships with Him. The Westside Baptist Church offers a variety of ministries and programs to help people grow in their faith and connect with other believers. If you're looking for a church that will provide you with opportunities to strengthen your relationship with God, the Westside Baptist Church is the perfect place for you.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Jacksonville Heights Neighborhood

If you're looking for a great place to live, consider the Jacksonville Heights neighborhood. This charming area is home to many parks, schools, and other points of interest. The neighborhoods here are well-established and offer a variety of housing options. You'll find everything from condos and apartments to single-family homes in Jacksonville Heights. Plus, the community is close-knit and friendly, making it a great place to call home. Here’s a short list all located in the Jacksonville Heights Neighborhood:

The McGirts Creek Regional Park includes a basketball court, playground, and picnic areas. It also has three youth baseball fields for kids to play on along with two soccer fields.  A highlight of this park is called "Field Of Dreams" Miracle League field which allows special needs children to organize a league where they can experience what it feels like being at one again while everyone else enjoys themselves outside under bright lights during night games.

Our Community Club Park is located at 6200 Old Middleburg Road and is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. The playscape,  picnic shelter, and restrooms offer all the amenities you need to enjoy your time spent in this beautiful outdoor space. There are also 2-lighted youth baseball fields and one softball field which means that even more kids will be able to play there. Plans are underway now to build the additional fields on the 15-acre adjacent property.

Gregory Drive Elementary School is a warm, welcoming place where students are encouraged to reach their academic potential. The school provides an environment that supports caring and collaborative learning communities so each student can excel academically through integrating math, science & technology across all subject areas.

Jacksonville Heights Elementary School is committed to providing a safe, caring environment where children can learn and grow. From their classrooms in the community for students of all abilities, they provide high-level instruction that meets each student's needs individually so that they are prepared with enough knowledge at hand when it matters most. The school is also committed to providing educational excellence for every student to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in the 21st century.

Map From Jacksonville Heights Neighborhood to Our Location

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