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About the Northwest Crossing Neighborhood in San Antonio Texas

The City of San Antonio is a cultural and tourist destination, and economic powerhouse for the entire state. With 1,547,253 residents in 2019 (the second-most populous city in Texas), it was founded by Spanish missions centuries ago. The rich history of the city is commemorated on May 1st with its 300th anniversary.


Things to Do in Northwest Crossing Neighborhood

The Northwest Crossing neighborhood is a great place to visit if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown San Antonio. You'll find that this area has a lot going for it. Here’s the list of things to do in the Northwest Crossing neighborhood that will make you want to come back time and again!

One of the most popular attractions in San Antonio, and a must-visit is The Alamo. It is where Texas won its independence from Mexico during the Revolution. Built as a Mission building early on - with many other missions nearby - it fell into disuse by 1790 but became a fortress instead!

The Alamo is open year-round except Christmas Day and is open from 9:00 am. Closing times vary from 5.30 pm September – May, and 7 pm from May-September. You can see the full opening times on their official website as well as a guide to some ground rules for your visit inside of the building itself in order to protect its artifacts which date back over 200 years ago!

The River Walk is a 15-mile long network of walkways that run alongside the banks of the San Antonio River. The five miles that run through downtown San Antonio offer many attractions, shops, and restaurants for visitors to enjoy. Over time, this attraction has expanded with more than fifteen miles worth of paths as well as countless sights awaiting your discovery!

The River Walk is a favorite attraction of many. The paved path offers something for everyone, whether you're looking to enjoy the view or cross-train your muscles! You can also take in the beautiful architecture and some tasty food along the way. Whether it's with friends on an outdoor picnic lunch or just as a solo outing, there are plenty of things to do at this popular San Antonio hotspot!

The San Antonio River Walk is open daily 25/7 including Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Mad Pecker Brewing Co. is an idea that started with a trail run, woodpecking and beer- drinking at home for Jason and Errika Gonzales. What do a trail run, woodpecker, and beer have in common? Nothing. But for owners Jason and Errika Gonzales, those three things helped spark the vision that lives today known as Mad Pecker Brewing Company. The two have no investors to speak of but are brewing some great craft beers in the neighborhood they call "home." Mad Peckers flavors range from India Pale Ales (IPA) to dark Lager styles like Schwarzbier along with many more unique creations such as their award-winning Bacon Cheddar Ale!

Amid a booming craft beer industry, Mad Pecker Brewing Company finds themselves down to earth and enacting everything for the love of their art. After an enjoyable experience both inside and out with delicious eats from the friendly staff in hand, they're sure you'll find yourself hitting that mark as well!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas, formerly known simply as Fiesta Texas, is an amusement park that throws you into a world of excitement and wonder. Located in La Cantera at San Antonio's most popular district, the theme park has been called "the biggest little kid-friendly place on earth." The first business to open in this area was built by Gaylord Entertainment Company and opened its doors for visitors on March 14, 1992, 14 years ago. Six Flags purchased it in 1996 and helped them reach over 3 million guests per year!

The park was developed by Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovich. The company initially called the amusement park SeaWorld of Texas but had to change it after a lawsuit threatened its trademark on "SeaWorld." Built for $170 million dollars, 3.3 million people visited in its first year with 75000 attending the opening ceremony which took place in May 1988.

SeaWorld San Antonio is the world’s largest marine-life theme park focused on conservation, education, and animal rescue. The 100-acre (40 ha) facility has been educating visitors about these topics for over 40 years with shows such as Shamu Rocks that take you behind the scenes to learn what it is like to live in an ocean environment by following their resident Sea Lion named Schooner.

Living in Northwest Crossing Neighborhood


Northwest Crossing is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. With a range of accommodations from budget to luxury, Northwest Crossing offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an affordable stay in San Antonio or want to treat yourself with some pampering, Northwest Crossing has it all!    And if that wasn't enough, there's more than just lodging at Northwest Crossing. The best part about this place is that they have plenty of activities and amenities available so you can make your weekend any way you like! From hiking trails to fitness classes to shopping excursions and more!

Wayman Mitchell was born in the year 1970, and his mission for life is to spread a spiritual fire that will reach all corners of Earth. His work started with a small church, but it has quickly grown into hundreds across North America. Now he travels around the world preaching about God's love and spreading peace through music as well!

Wayman Mitchell grew up from humble beginnings. After being released from prison at the age of 19, he became an evangelist ministering on street corners before starting Wayword Ministries in Prescott Arizona. It grew immensely over the years until many churches were built due to their ministry efforts - some by founder Wayman himself- who also visits other countries like China where they preach faith while playing beautiful guitar melodies.

Northwest Crossing Elementary is a school in San Antonio, Texas. It's located in the Northside ISD School District and offers students an outstanding education.

Northwest Crossing Elementary sits on nearly 50 acres of land being used for outdoor learning opportunities like recess and PE classes and for their garden program that provides organic produce to families within the district at no charge! Northwest also has after-school programs where parents can learn how to properly make healthy food choices with their children to grow up eating healthily without having any nutritional deficiencies or weight issues later in life.

Culebra Creek Park | 10919 Westwood Loop, San Antonio, TX 78254

In the northwest corner of San Antonio, you will find a Culebra Creek - Helotes Greenway Trail. This pleasant pathway runs along both creeks for which it is named and has its trailhead across from Burke Elementary School while ending at Culebra Creek Park bordered by an apartment complex and shopping area. The entire Howard W. Peak greenway network offers 50 miles worth of hiking or biking trails throughout the city!

In Northwest San Antonio, there's a great trail to explore that spans two different creek names: Culebra (Spanish) meaning "snake" in English), as well as the Spanish word for alleyways/paths. It starts just outside Burke Elementary school on one side.

At Culebra Meat Market, they offer tasty fresh meat and seafood. Customers will also find cold cuts and cheeses. You'll come across a variety of exotic meats as well as oxtail or goat! Upon entering the meat section, customers are greeted by one of their friendly butchers who will help customize your order in no time at all with any special request- even if it's an option that isn't on display for purchase just yet! There are also marinated products readily available to grill right then and there too. Don't hesitate to ask them about anything from beef ribs to lamb chops!.

At Culebra Meat Market, customers are welcomed into the wide selection of fresh meats including chicken, fish, pork shoulder, or bacon.

Papa John's Pizza in San Antonio, Texas is committed to providing customers with the finest quality pizza. We invest in high-quality ingredients such as fresh dough and signature sauce because we know that you deserve nothing but the best when it comes time for a family gathering or memorable birthday party!

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Northwest Crossing, San Antonio


Find out more about what to do at Northwest Crossing! There are so many great spots for visitors and residents alike. Most notable is the beautiful Memorial Park, which has a number of scenic trails that can be enjoyed by walkers or bikers.

The UIW School of Physical Therapy is proud to be one of the few Catholic institutions in America that offer a physical therapy program. They work hard to maintain their identity as they teach students and engage with those around them so these young minds can grow into pillars for our community come graduation day.

Their graduates are more than just physical therapists. They have the skills needed to work in any environment, and they're always eager to learn new things! One hundred percent of their inaugural class got jobs quickly after graduation, but they've had a 100% employment rate ever since then too.

  • US Post Office | 7729 Tezel Rd, San Antonio, TX 78250, United States

The US Post Office in San Antonio, Texas is a beautiful building with tall ceilings and large windows to provide plenty of natural light. Many post offices don't have the same architecture. This one stands out among all because it takes pride in its history and welcomes visitors who stop by for any reason at their mailing center or other services they may offer like passport applications.

Stevenson Middle School is a middle school that has 1,251 students in grades 6-8. The student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1 means for every one faculty member for every seventeen students. According to state test scores, 49% of the Stevenson Middle School's students were at least proficient in math, and 50% were considered proficient readers. In addition, 3.4% of its population enrolled in bilingual and English language learning programs which teaches them how to speak two languages fluently!

Stone Werks is a San Antonio success story in upscale casual dining that always has something exciting going on. Stone Werks offers delicious food with great drinks, as well as live entertainment to keep you entertained while your taste buds are tantalized by the mouth-watering flavors of our signature American cuisine and Executive Chef specials. They also have an extensive wine list and liquor selection for people who like variety when it comes to their favorite beverages!

Stone Werks is one restaurant where we're never bored because they offer so many different things all at once - not just tasty meals but also happy hour deals, weekend outdoor concerts (including those famous patio parties), brisket sliders from time to time, you'll think of them first whenever friends ask about.

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