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A.L. Burruss Nature Park

75 S Cobb Dr, Marietta, GA 30060, United States


A.L. Burruss Nature Park is a city park near Life University and the Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, Georgia. The main route leaves the parking area and intersects with the green, blue, and red trails after a short distance, allowing you to explore the park. All of these routes are short and run through a hardwood forest.

A.L. Burruss Nature Park features three nature paths, a bike route, a pavilion, and picnic tables. The paths link with the nature trail at Life University and are located at 75 South Cobb Drive, near Cobb Parkway/Highway 41.

Rottenwood Creek runs through the park, which is a great feature.

Burruss Park is 45.66 acres and was deeded to the City from the Department of Interior, National Park Service as excess Federal Property,” said Rich Buss, Marietta's Parks, Recreation and Facilities Director, in an email to the Courier. Originally, it was a part of the Dobbins Air Force Base facilities. The excess land to park initiative gave state and local governments large swaths of property across the country to use as public parks and recreational areas. Another example of a similar program is Wildwood Park, which is located close by.”

The deed was handed to the city in 1981, according to Buss, and the city received two grants to move forward shortly after. Later in the 1980s, the park's planning and development got underway.

The bike paths were installed in 2009, and a volunteer group recently met with park staff to consider forming a partnership to expand the park's bike trail network. According to Buss, the Parks and Recreation Department anticipates further discussions.

The trail has multiple forks, and there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • One of the routes on Life Campus will lead you to their fantastic track, which is a rubberized track that is free to the public (at least it seemed to be when I was there).

  • When running from A L Burruss to Life College, the trail appears to come to a halt as you reach the campus. Simply run around the field, and the route will pick up after passing through a road/parking lot. You'll find it if you look for it.

  • Off one of the trails is a portion of historic houses and an old mill, each with a plaque documenting the building's original position and use. Stop and take a look at them.

  • If you're interested in circuit training, there are various exercise stations located around the Life College pathways.

  • At the A L Burruss section, make sure to run all of the side trails – these are narrow, single-person paths that are very lovely and a wonderful break from the main course. I was glad to go back into the woods after seeing some groundskeepers driving their truck along the main flow.

Marietta, Georgia is blessed with some of Georgia’s best parks.  Here’s our list of the best of the best you shouldn’t miss: 

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  • A.L. Burruss Nature Park

These amazing parks are located just down the street from our location at 2909 Austell Road SW, Suite 112. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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