MJ CBD Hair Growth Conditioner with Anagain 50mg

Have you been on the hunt for the perfect conditioner that uses natural products while also giving you all the hair care benefits that you need? The hunt is over because we've got the natural conditioner that can give you a variety of benefits and then some!

Our CBD hair growth conditioner is the product that you've been waiting for. Made with all natural and chemical-free ingredients including high-quality CBD and anagain which is derived from pea sprout extract and has lots of restorative properties, as well as a variety of other natural nutrients and minerals, this conditioner gives you nothing but the best. Â

Reactivating hair growth, moisturizes, hydrates, locks in nutrients, prevents breakages and split ends, and provides vital nutrients to keep you hair happy and healthy, What more could you ask for from a conditioner? This checks all the boxes and then gives you a little extra.

With just a few pumps you can gently massage the conditioner into wet hair and instantly start to feel the soothing benefits take hold of your hair. It's almost like being at a salon in your shower!

So treat yourself today and order your bottle of CBD hair growth conditioner today and start to experience the restorative powers of the CBD and anagain combination.

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