Grinder | Gold Skull

Looking for a grinder that has some personality? This Gold Skull Grinder looks like it came straight from a pirate’s treasure chest! This grinder is intended for use with CBD hemp flower so that you can roll your own CBD joints or pack a pipe to perfection.Â

The enamel, skull-embellished top comes in three colors: red, black, and blue, so you can choose your favorite style. All three colors look great with the shiny gold metal. Don’t stash your Gold Skull Grinder in a drawer when it’s not in use – instead, display it as home décor! It’s a piece of art. This beautiful novelty grinder would make a great gift, too – maybe alongside a few grams of Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary hemp flower!Â

The 3-piece Gold Skull Grinder has diamond-shaped teeth and a metal screen that helps to filter out the smallest particles so you don’t waste any of your hemp flower. The sharp metal teeth will give you a dependable, even grind – time and time again. Every part of this grinder is made from gold-plated metal, inside and out. With free shipping on all orders and a wide selection of excellent products to choose from, MJ’s CBD Dispensary is the place to shop for CBD and accessories online.


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