King Palm King Size 5pk w/ Boveda

King Palm is the best hand-rolled natural smoke there is. The leaves are free of additives, preservatives, flavors and glue; they're made with corn husk filters that will be one of the greatest filter tips you've ever used because it'll help to make sure no loose herbs fall through or get into your mouth while also eliminating oils from getting on your tongue. You can even bite or squeeze for a tighter draw which makes for a cooler smoking experience! 

These natural leaves are better quality and cleaner than common wrapping paper. We recommend filling the leaf tightly without using extreme force, to avoid altering the flavor of your chosen herb. Our wraps have a very mild earthy taste that enhances their flavors rather than changing them entirely like other papers on the market do today. Super slow burning real Cordia leaf free of: Tobacco, Glue, Flavors & Additives! Hand-Rolled Leaf Wraps (Cordia) or Hand Rolled Corn Husk Wraps (Papel Picado). 

Bite down on these filters for optimal airflow during inhalation while simultaneously controlling draw resistance with how hard you squeeze it - making each smoke cooler in temperature as well!

BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPECT - King Palm King Size 5pk w/ Boveda:

  • Helps you reduce or stop smoking cigarettes
  • Increases appetite and can be used to curb sugar cravings
  • Aids in recovery from Headaches, Stress, Pain Relief, Mental Clarity & Appetite Control
  • Allows for a better night's sleep in the form of a calming relief
  • Provides relief from pain, anxiety and sleep disorders
  • Relieves the symptoms of epilepsy and Parkinson's disease

PRODUCT DETAILS - King Palm King Size 5pk w/ Boveda:

  • 5 King Rolls Per Pouch
  • 2 grams each
  • Assistant stick to pack

WHO LOVES DELTA King Palm King Size 5pk w/ Boveda:

  • Adult looking for a smooth and slow burning rolls
  • People who wants to avoid tobacco
  • Adult who wants smooth and smokeless experience
  • Adults looking for natural ingredients without chemicals or additives

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