Mary Jane’s Delta 8 Pre Roll Pack 5pk Afghan Kush

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MJs Delta 8 Joint Box 5pk Afghan Kush

Release yourself from the burdens of stress and other problems! The Mary Jane’s Afghan Kush Delta 8 Pre Rolls Pack of 5 offers the likely outright relief you’re looking for. With its highly potent delta-8 THC content combined with CBD, it will surely produce smooth and effective puffs that can turn around a tough day. Since they’re ready-to-consume pre rolled joints, all you need to do is light them up! 

  • Delta-8 and CBD combined for the highest potential. Each of the joints in the delta 8 bundle pack is rich in delta-8 THC and CBD. These two powerful cannabinoids work together to help you relax, even with just one puff. While delta-8 is an isomer of THC, it’s federally legal to consume it. On the other hand, CBD, the non-psychoactive hemp compound that’s been researched many times because of its potential health benefits, works well with delta-8 THC and other compounds like terpenes that may produce the entourage effect within your body!
  • Feel the mild elation coming from the afghan Kush hybrid. The Afghan Kush present in the delta 8 pre rolls pack results from hybridization with the hemp plant to avoid the extra-strong high coming from the pure Indica strain. Since they’re solely sourced from US-grown hemp plants, you can make sure your delta 8 preroll pack is Federal Farm Bill compliant. In the hybrid premium hemp flower, there are also high concentrations of CBD, not just delta 8 THC!
  • Enjoy the spike of the fruity woody taste to the usual dankness. If you’re new to the afghan Kush hybrid found in MJs delta 8 pre rolls pack, you should know they’re well-suited for those who have sensitive palates. It’s well-liked because of its sweet and fruity (tropical) aroma with some earthy hints. As for its taste, users say Afghan Kush has mild and bland, with some fruity aftertaste. If you require downtime and hope to calm yourself without compromising the experience, then the MJs delta 8 pre roll pack is definitely a good purchase.
  • Light it up in an instant! No need to go through the meticulous grinding, loading, and rolling manually. It’s trouble-free consumption every single time with the MJs D8 THC pre rolls. You just pull one from the airtight packaging and then it’s all a breeze from there. Just one stick from the MJs Delta 8 Bundle pack can give you that relief you’re looking for after a long day!
  • Feel the tranquility with every inhale. Since the premium hemp flower is packed snuggly and firmly in high-quality rolling papers, you can make sure it burns slowly and smoothly. The deluxe beneficial puffs are won’t end in a hurry too since each Delta-8 THC joint weighs around 1.5 grams—higher than the average for THC pre rolls from other brands!
  • Save up with the MJs Delta 8 bundles. Buying single D8 joints can be more expensive. It’s better if you buy delta 8 preroll with afghan kush in a bundle as you will save more money and time. And better, Mary Jane’s hemp pre rolls come in five. You may enjoy it for days (or weeks) or even share them with your favorite buddy! If you’re asking, where can I buy a delta 8 pre rolls pack near me? Mary Jane’s has physical stores, so you can speedily stock up when you run out.

Easily verify its safe and reliable cannabinoid profile. Mary Jane’s ensures that you receive high quality delta 8 pre rolls before anything else. It’s our utmost priority to bring you the safest and the most potent pre roll as much as possible. By checking the Lab Report, which is easily accessible to anyone, you can put your mind at ease—dependable delta-8 THC- and CBD-infused pre rolls to soothe you.

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2 reviews for Mary Jane’s Delta 8 Pre Roll Pack 5pk Afghan Kush

  1. 4 out of 5


    The packaging is very convenient and these 5 pieces last for a long time, and it is much cheaper than buying one at a time. The taste and smell are very unusual and delicious, and the effect comes very quickly after a couple of puffs.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Nancy Quinones

    Very good product and convenient. I’m hoping it’s available again soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mary Jane’s Delta 8 Prerolls Pack comprises five (5) pre rolled joints. Perfect to last you for days! Each pre roll has potent delta-8 THC and CBD—both powerful cannabinoids convinced to help you with relaxation, anxiety management, and potential pain relief. In addition, we’re also harnessing the kick from the afghan kush and giving your D8 THC joints some more boost!

The quickness of how the D8 joints can take effect will vary from one person to another. The newbies may feel instant effects, while some who are already used to consuming Cannabis-infused products may experience some latency in the pre rolls delta 8 performance. Aside from your prior exposure, the long-lasting effects of the delta 8 preroll pack Afghan Kush also depend on the number of puffs, puff volume, and the breath-hold duration. There’s no definitive answer to when exactly the high quality delta 8 will take effect since every person is unique. Needless to say, you can alone trust the sufficient amounts present in the hemp pre rolls to work their way through your body.

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary has over 26 physical locations (and more to come) on top of its official online store where you can buy pre rolls delta 8 THC and other hemp products. And just like any federal farm bill compliant CBD store, the minimum age for adults requires purchasing our Delta 8 pre roll pack is 21. MJCBD needs to conduct age verification before selling the delta 8 bundle pack to prevent sales to minors. Besides protecting the youth, the D8 joints are also not advisable to be consumed by pregnant and lactating women. And if you’re not sure if this is the right cannabinoid preroll for you, you may ask any of the MJCBD customer service representatives, they’d gladly assist you.

The MJs Delta-8 THC Prerolls contain delta-8 THC and CBD that are sourced from premium hemp flowers to ensure the highest concentration possible. No other parts of the hemp are used in it. On the other hand, the afghan Kush hybrid found in the delta 8 bundle pack is believed to have effects of relaxation, hunger, and even giggles. This premium strain is sourced from US-grown hemp (not imported hemp or the original Indica variant.). It is to note, however, that like any good quality THC-infused products, it’s also known to give off adverse reactions like dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth.

The delta-8 pre roll pack may be consumed by beginners! Just note that this is one of the potent concoctions from MJCBD and targets everyone’s needs. For beginners, it’s recommended that when smoking delta9 prerolls, you only take a little at a time. Short inhales and a few puffs, to be specific. This makes sure you’re not putting some distress on your lungs, too. Every time you take a hit of the D8 joint, listen to your body—Are you feeling relaxed already? Did the delta-8 THC work wonders? If not yet, after quite some time, then take a few more afterward. Remember not to take more than you can take hold of. THC has side effects!

Mary Jane's Delta 8 Pre Roll Pack 5pk Afghan Kush $39.99

Out of stock

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