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MJ Awesome Gummies CBD Oil Sour Bears 500mg | ONLNE

Are you a fan of mouth-wateringly sour candy? What if we told you that we not only have a sour treat that will leave your mouth watering for more, but it’s also chock-full of medical benefits? Sound too good to be true? Buckle up, because it’s real!


Introducing these Awesome Gummies with the perfect combination of sweet and tart. You can pick between pineapple, blueberry, apple, and more as you snack away on these CBD infused yummy treats. This 500mg bag of CBD and melatonin infused sour gummy bears is just what you’ve been looking for to help you get your daily CBD intake. Not only are the ingredients of these awesome bears completely natural and safe, but it’s also 100% THC free. You won’t have to worry about getting high off these sour gummy treats.


Finally, these treats are more than just gummy goodness that won’t get you high. Because they are infused with CBD and melatonin, you’re also getting some amazing benefits! CBD helps relieve pain, acne, and nausea, and even helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. Melatonin is the easy, natural solution if you’re having trouble sleeping. These gummies are a mixed bag of medical benefits.


Grab your bag now and order before it’s too late!

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