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MJ Broad Spectrum NO THC 1000mg Natural Flavor

If you’re a CBD purist, this 1000mg bottle of broad-spectrum CBD tincture with natural flavoring is just what you’ve been waiting for. This powerful bottle of CBD doesn’t contain any flavorings except for the natural taste of pure CBD. You can add this tincture to your food or beverages, or you can simply place a few drops under your tongue for the quickest effect.

In addition to versatile flavoring that allows you to consume the tincture however you want, this broad-spectrum tincture is also made with nothing but the best CBD ingredients. Sourced from organic farms in Colorado, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a pure and safe product that still gives you a plethora of medicinal benefits.

Speaking of benefits, in addition to all-natural ingredients, this CBD tincture also comes with a variety of medicinal and mental benefits packed in. Lastly, this product is also THC free so you won’t have to worry about experiencing any psychoactive effects. Order your bottle today and start experiencing the many benefits of CBD tinctures!

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