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MJ Dried Fruit CBD 750mg Blueberry

MJ Dried Fruit CBD 750mg Blueberry 

Want an unconventional snack that tastes great and makes you feel even better? Try the dried blueberry pieces from Mary Jane’s CBD dispensary. Every delicious bite is infused with beneficial CBD oil. But instead of tasting the cannabis flavor, you get the natural, sweet taste of blueberries. And you don’t even have to wait for them to be in season! These dried blueberry pieces are available all year round.


Because of the CBD isolate, you can experience the soothing, out-of-this-world effects of CBD. No need to worry about getting high off this fruity snack. It’s completely THC-free! If you want the benefits of CBD but you have a hard time downing CBD oil in a tincture or a vape, the dried blueberry pieces are the perfect option. They’re easy to eat and taste delicious!


Dried blueberries are already a novelty. But when they’re infused with CBD, they are even more special. Every serving of these dried blueberry pieces gives you 750 milligrams of CBD isolate. This is a low-calorie, all-natural product that you can feel good about snacking on.


One taste of these scrumptious dried fruit pieces, and you’ll be hooked. Place an order for your dried blueberry pieces today!

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