MJCBD CBD/CBN 600mg Gummies 20 ct (25mg/5mg) Mixed Berry – Sleep Support

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MJCBD CBD/CBN 600mg Gummies 20 ct (25mg/5mg) Mixed Berry

MJCBD THC-free 600mg CBD+CBN Sleep Support Gummies 20-count is what you need if you want a deep slumber every night. The innovative fusion of CBD and CBN—plus other cannabinoids and terpenes—are very distinct and highly potent in the CBN CBD gummies. With 25 mg of CBD and 5 mg of CBN in one serving (one full gummy). Aside from being beneficial, the 600mg CBD CBN Gummies are also mixed berry-flavored, making them tasty luscious treats! These are perfect for those who want a hassle-free way of rediscovering a normal sleep cycle!

  • The CBD + CBN Combo. It’s been proven that CBD with other cannabinoids and terpenes can be more powerful for our system than pure CBD alone. In our nighttime proprietary blend for the CBD CBN gummies, we incorporated two cannabinoids that have the potential to help you destress and relax. CBN has been called by some the ‘sleepy cannabinoid’. On the other hand, CBD has shown the potential to aid with pain and stress management. Truly, the CBD + CBN gummies are your all-natural ticket to dreamland!
  • THC-free Sleep Support. Since the MJCBD Sleep Gummies are THC-free, effects like grogginess or low moods are highly unlikely. With the CBD+CBN gummies, it’s just pure tranquility during the nights and a full energy boost for the days that come afterward. Some consumers might say it feels like being tucked into your bed or being read a bedtime story!
    • Will they be safe when I take a random drug test? Broad-spectrum CBD gummies contain zero to little traces of THC on them. Though the minute amount will not get you high, they might still give you a false positive result. So, be careful when you want to add the MJCBD CBD, and CBN Gummies to your routine!
  • Just a Pop of An MJCBD Gummy. All it takes for you to benefit from the unique cannabinoid profile of the CBD Sleep Gummies is to take one (1) Gummy out of the pack, pop it in your mouth, and chew. That’s it. We recommend being consistent with taking them so you achieve the ideal results. And if you’re planning to increase your dosage, just make sure that you don’t go over four gummies within six hours. 
  • Lush, juicy natural flavors of mixed berries. Berries for a very good restorative sleep! Mary Jane’s CBD CBN Gummies are flavored with luscious berries like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. For those who don’t like the earthy and weed-like after-taste of hemp plant  products, go for the flavored—still all-natural—CBN and CBD gummies like MJCBD’s!
    • Since berries are rich in antioxidants that may help in alleviating stress—what better fruits to flavor our CBD/CBN Gummies than the different berries for an incomparable boost for bed rest?
  • Packed in a child-safe container. The MJCBD CBD CBN Gummies for Sleep Support are packed securely in a resealable opaque plastic container. This is to maintain its freshness, texture, and promised effects until you finish the twenty (20) Gummies with CBD and CBN. The product labels are very clear (especially with instructions), and have detailed information whenever you need more information from MJCBD, including the 3rd-party Lab Results of the CBD/CBN Gummies.
  • Safe and Potent Cannabinoid Profile. Testimonials can only go so far. What you need to be very sure of is—that Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary Sleep CBN CBD Gummies are safe and potent. Since every batch of CBD CBN Sleep Gummies undergoes rigorous testing for quantitative and qualitative analysis from a reputable independent laboratory, you can make sure every take of a gummy will be smooth and without worries.
    • Highly potent CBD and CBN are present.
    • Significant amounts of terpenes are present.
    • Solvent contamination-free, pesticide- and heavy metal-free.


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1 review for MJCBD CBD/CBN 600mg Gummies 20 ct (25mg/5mg) Mixed Berry – Sleep Support

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    These are the tastiest gummies I’ve ever eaten. I have trouble sleeping, and these gummies really help me fall asleep faster and feel energized in the morning and throughout the day. This is definitely my recommendation, and I have enough experience with different CBD gummies.

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CBD or cannabidiol has shown so much promise in the health and wellness niche, according to scientific research, analysis, and preliminary studies. CBD has been widely studied for its anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, and neuroprotective properties. And since CBD is non-psychoactive, it has become a popular natural remedy for common health issues in the past years. In the MJCBD CBD CBN Gummies, however, it’s on a whole new level. You’re promised 25 milligram CBD gummies with CBN and other beneficial compounds! That means you maximize the pleasure from CBD—and on top, you gain some potential benefits for sleep management from its combination with other hemp compounds too.

CBN or cannabinol is another cannabinoid that acts on our receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Even if CBN was the first hemp compound that was isolated in research, only limited researches on it exist, as compared to CBD. According to preliminary investigations on the CBN effects, cannabinol may help in inducing sleepiness and even helping with pain. So, while pure CBD gummies 25 mg have the potential to aid you to easily doze off, the CBN presents the same probable outcome, but differently. To add, CBN for sleep is mildly psychoactive—but not to the extent that it makes you high (like THC). When CBN is taken in small amounts, just like in the CBD/CBN gummies, relaxation is highly likely!

Always start with a small dose. Most of the time, one full CBD Oil gummies of Mary Jane’s CBD+CBN gummies will be enough. See how your sleep improves—how fast you fall asleep, how deep it is, and how uninterrupted your restful sleep cycle is. If you think your initial dose is not enough, then you may increase it gradually. However, don’t expect immediate results as each individual has a different body mass, lifestyle, health conditions, etc. Be consistent when taking the CBD and CBN Gummies. And remember not to take over four (4) gummies within six hours! Listening to the recommended dosage and your body would likely help you find bliss after a restful night and may even find yourself more energized than the days before.

  • Warning: The CBD CBN gummies are not to be taken by children and pregnant and lactating women. And for those who are taking prescription medications, it’s best to ask your doctor how you can incorporate the CBD CBN Sleep Gummies into your routine.

A pack of MJCBD CBD + CBN Gummies is enriched with 600 mg of powerful cannabinoids that promise a lot for a night filled with sweet dreams! In one gummy, you get 25 mg of CBD and 5 mg of CBN. Gummies with CBD and CBN, just like Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary CBD CBN Sleep Gummies, might bring a clear-headed calm that can help you sneak your way into snooze land. And with the high composition of CBD and CBN, you’re also reaping other therapeutic benefits they can offer for your overall being.

Have no doubts! With the combination of CBD, CBN, and other hemp compounds present in the MJCBD CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies, the potential benefits for your circadian rhythm can be massive. The CBD 25 mg gummies are boosted with 5mg of CBN, as verified also by third-party lab testing. It’s the perfect configuration to help you get a good night’s sleep. A pack of the MJCBD CBD+CBN gummies contains 20 flavorful tasty treats that can be a helping hand for weeks that come. Turn a stressful and restless day at work into a relaxing night full of sleep by taking the CBN CBD gummies consistently!

MJCBD CBD/CBN 600mg Gummies 20 ct (25mg/5mg) Mixed Berry - Sleep Support $39.99

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