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For that next level of relaxation and bliss, MJCBD Delta 8 + CBN Sleep Cartridge 1G is what you need. With the combination of novel cannabinoids Delta-8 THC and CBN, Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary Sleep Vape Cartridge promises to give you the edge towards achieving the desired effects for restful nights. Only a few puffs are needed—and for beginners, it may just be a single puff!—for you to enjoy the likely benefits of the  ca synergy balanced with terpenes and other cannabinoids that came from non-GMO US-grown industrial hemp.

  • Achieve balance with Delta 8 + CBN. After thorough research and testing, Mary Jane’s was able to formulate a perfect blend of Delta-8 and CBN that may help in handing you the soothing feeling of rest at the end of the day. These cannabinoids have become a word of the mouth for certain reasons. And in this vape cart, MJCBD brought them together, so you can enjoy them to the fullest!
  • Make the most of cannavaping! Based on scientific data, the best, and presumably the safest, way to get the most of THC and other minor cannabinoids in your system is by vaping. We’re talking about up to 80% bioavailability for THC! So, the Delta 8 THC CBN Vape Cartridge is better than the other delta 8 THC CBN products when you think about it! Giving the delta 8 CBN sleep vape a puff is one step closer to gobbling all the potential benefits of the Cannabis plant for your sleep cycle!
  • Bring the Sleep Vape Cartridge anywhere. Because of its discreet packaging, Mary Jane’s Delta8 THC CBN vape can keep you company anywhere you go! Got that business trip interstate and concerned you’d be drowning with a stressful workload? Then let this potential sleep aid come to the rescue. Most states allow delta 8 CBN vapes in flight even.
    • No fret consumption. Aside from their very portable feature, they can also be easily discarded. This is the simplest way to enjoy the delta 8 CBN combo without having to deal with pod systems and cartridges. Just pure relaxed body-focused feeling wherever, whenever!
  • Lab Tested for Its Potency and Safety. Every batch of MJCBD Delta 8 CBN Sleep Vape Cartridges are submitted to an allowed independent laboratory to make sure we’re bringing you the best, the safest, and the most potent! With every gentle yet cool inhale of the MJCBD Delta 8 THC CBN, the potential of giving you that desired relaxation and even some minor pain relief can be easily got. The Certificate of Analysis, just like for any MJCBD hemp product, is accessible to anyone.
  • Surprising Capacity for just one gram. Puff the biggest clouds however you want them to be. The 1G vape cart by Mary Jane’s might be one of the most packed Delta 8 CBN cartridges in the market right now. The CBN Delta 8 THC vape cart has about 300 seconds of inhalation or 300 puffs. But how long you pull will affect the decrease or increase of the puffs. Regardless, the vape with delta 8 and CBN better last you for weeks or even months! 

Well-packed. The CBN Delta 8 distillate is enclosed in a 510 cartridge, the most standard for most vapes. So, it’d be easy for you to restock and refill whenever needed. In addition, the leak-proof cartridge delta 8 and CBN dwells are perfect for every adult and under any circumstances. There should be no worry about leaving stains on your favorite pants or finding them tipped over without even exploiting them! With the MJCBD vape cartridge, there is no hassle!

1 review for MJCBD Delta 8 THC/CBN Vape Cartridge 1g

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is the best I’ve ever tried. Just one puff and I fall asleep in 1 minute. Due to a lot of work and children, I have had serious problems with sleep in recent years. This vape solved all my problems, I finally get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed during the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid that’s becoming the focal point right now in the research and legalization of chunks of the Cannabis industry. The Delta 8, found in the delta 8 THC CBN vape cartridge, is known mainly because of its potential effects in adjusting sleep-wake cycles, alleviating pain, and giving euphoric moods. As compared to the notorious delta-9 THC, delta-8 has milder psychoactive effects. Though it’s less potent, someone who wants to pass a drug test must avoid consuming any THC CBN Sleep Vape Cartridge for quite some time. As for legalities, you’re free to vape the MJCBD CBN Delta 8 Sleep cartridge in most states in the US.

CBN or cannabinol have been preliminarily studied for its usefulness as an appetite stimulant, as an aid to fall asleep, and so many more. CBN is a lesser-known, non-intoxicating compound that we’ve added to the MJCBD Delta 8 THC CBN vape cartridge 1G just to boost each other’s promising effects on the human body, including the immune system. Likely, CBN helps temper disorderly sleep cycles because of its bond to the ECS. Mary Jane’s vape cartridge is truly one of a kind since CBN is only found in small quantities.

Vaping the Delta8/CBN Sleep Vape Cart can be easy—even for beginners! It’s up to you how you do it. For newbies, it’s still advisable to not go for long pulls (taking a lot of seconds) when inhaling as you’ll get more delta 8 into your system. This powerful hemp compound is still a THC so it can still make you high. If you don’t have any experience with THC- or Cannabis-derived products, then it’s better to start with quick puffs! If you’re unsure about its chemistry with your body and health, consult with your doctor.

  • Adults 21 years of age and older are the only ones who may purchase the sought-after MJCBD Delta-8 THC and CBN Sleep Vape Carts. This is not safe to be consumed by children and minors, pregnant and lactating women.

Because of the unbelievable synergy of the delta8 THC and CBN, the potential to give you that relaxing mood after a long day is attainable! The unique delta 8 distillate has that unbelievable potency—that has been checked after rigorous testing—to let you ease and just completely relax. The MJCBD vape cart’s unique design to support better sleep can also help target some issues your body deals with daily. The smell of clean linen, the softness of the pillows, the tuck into sleep when you were a kid… that’s the closest the MJCBD Sleep vape cartridges can get to.

  • Since the Mary Jane’s Sleep vape cartridges contain delta-9 THC, there may be side effects—especially if you’ve vaped more than the ideal. Some of the likely THC side effects are drowsiness, dizziness, paranoia, dry mouth, and bloodshot eyes.

The MJCBD Delta 8 CBN Vape Cart contains organic hemp extract rich in Delta 8 and CBN. These cannabinoids have existing preliminary studies, scientific systematic reviews, and analyses that point to the numerous potential health benefits they possess. Delta 8’s promise for relaxation and the Delta 8 and CBN together may promote sleep improvement. And many consumers have also recommended MJCBD products containing these two influential cannabinoids for they have witnessed an improvement in their lifestyles and overall wellness.

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