MJCBD Delta 9 Taffy 150mg (15mg/10ct) – 3 Flavors

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MJCBD Delta 9 Taffy 150mg (15mg/10ct)

You may have heard of Delta-9, the popular cannabis concentrate found in the hemp and cannabis plant, but you have never experienced it like this! This cannabis taffy uses the same recipe as many other medical cannabis products by infusing the compounds into bite-size taffy pieces. This sweet treat has a chewy texture and will give you the same effects as other cannabinoids and their products. The flavor of these Delta-9 Taffy edibles is delectable and with so many flavors to choose from, you are sure to find one that you enjoy. Save your wax paper and try our specially crafted taffy today!

Awesome Effective Delta-9 Blend

These cannabis infused taffy pieces contain a concentrated blend of Delta-9. Delta-9 is the perfect cannabinoid for use in cannabis infused taffy because it provides significant effects and is one of the most effective cannabinoid compounds available. This great taffy provides a cannabinoid experience that is most familiar out of all the cannabinoid products on the market. Great taffy like ours contains the maximum allowable amount of THC so you can be sure you are getting the most effective experience possible. This pack taffy is one of the best cannabinoid products you can currently purchase.

Specially Crafted With Flavor In Mind

This pack taffy candy has been specially crafted to taste great. Like any taffy candy, the flavor is everything and these weed taffy pieces have a sweet and chewy flavor that is sure to have you coming back for more. In addition to being great tasting, these weed taffy pieces have been infused with a highly-effective Delta-9 concentrate which makes them extremely potent. If you like flavors like caramel taffy, you are sure to enjoy the flavor of these taffy edibles. Caramel taffy is not the only flavor you can find these edibles in, try them all to find one that you will enjoy!

Great For Experts And Beginners

Delta-9 is included in this taffy making it one of the best cannabinoid products available for both beginners and experts. Delta-9 is the most popular cannabinoid compound currently on the market and definitely the most familiar to most. The cannabinoid compound is infused in this taffy making it a familiar experience for those who have tried Delta-9 before. Taffy edibles when used in moderation can provide a significant experience that is not too overwhelming. Taffy edibles can also provide an experience significant enough that even seasoned cannabinoid enthusiasts can enjoy them and be satisfied.

Lab Tested To Ensure High-Quality And Safety

When choosing THC taffy products, it is important that the THC taffy you purchased be tested for quality and safety. All of our THC taffy products have been third-party tested to ensure the safety and quality of the products before they arrive at your door. THC taffy edibles should not only taste good and be effective, but they should also be safely made. The inclusion of lab results for all our THC taffy edibles can help you rest assured that the products you are purchasing meet all the acceptable standards for excellence that we are known for. THC taffy edibles you purchase from us will have easily viewable lab results which sets us apart from other brands on the market.

Made Using Only Hemp Grown In The USA

Our Delta 9 taffy products have been made using only hemp grown in the United States. This is important to ensure that all our Delta 9 taffy products are high quality and safe for use. Delta 9 taffy products that do not use hemp grown in the United States may contain contaminants or be of low quality. Because of this, all of our taffy THC edibles use hemp sourced from farms in the United States. The result of this sourcing for our taffy THC edibles ensures that the products are high-quality and safe for all of our customers.

Extremely Popular With Customers

These taffy THC edibles are extremely popular products with our customers. Most people searching for taffy near me will do better purchasing their Delta-9 taffy products from us. This is because we provide only the best Delta-9 taffy products that are ensured to be high-quality and safe. If you are searching for taffy near me, you should instead check out these Delta-9 taffy products that can be delivered right to your door.

Future Potential Benefits

Delta-9 is currently being extensively researched to determine any potential benefits that it may have in promoting tranquility, relaxation, and a sense of peace. While the research is still in the early stages, it is not unlikely that more information regarding the benefits of Delta-9 will be made available in the future.


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2 reviews for MJCBD Delta 9 Taffy 150mg (15mg/10ct) – 3 Flavors

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Mystery flavor is my favorite. I definitely recommend DELTA 9 lovers to try, MJCBD always has fresh products with strong effects and fast delivery.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Saw something new at MJCBD and decided to try it. These candies are a very good alternative to gummies, they can be savored for a long time, and not just swallowed at once. So I think I will buy more, the effect is not weaker than gummies. So 5/5!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delta-9 is a cannabinoid compound that is found in both the hemp and the cannabis plants. Delta-9 THC is a psychoactive compound that is responsible for the effects that most people associated with cannabis and cannabinoid products. Delta-9 is a great cannabinoid compound for both experts and beginners as it is the one most people are familiar with. It is much stronger than other cannabinoid compounds like Delta-8 or Delta-10. It is not quite as effective as other cannabinoid compounds like THC-O. This makes it a great mid-range cannabinoid.

THC taffy is taffy candy that has been infused with cannabinoid compounds containing THC. This gives THC taffy its significant effects. When you use THC taffy, the THC included in the taffy will begin to take effect one the taffy has been digested and metabolized in the stomach. This will lead to a significant experience that can in some cases last up to six to eight hours in duration.

There are many flavors of THC taffy currently available. These include sweet and savory flavors as well as mystery flavors if you are in the mood to take a chance. With so many flavor options available, you are sure to find one that you can enjoy. Finding the right flavor for you will help add to your overall enjoyment of the THC taffy products that you purchase.

The dosage of THC taffy that you should start with will depend on your tolerance level and experience with THC products in general. One gummy, or 15mg of Delta-9 THC is a good starting point for beginners and even those experienced with Delta-9 but not so much with edibles forms. Since edibles are generally thought to be much stronger than smokable forms of Delta-9, starting with lower doses is advised until you are sure of how they affect you.

There is 15mg of Delta-9 in each of these THC infused taffy edibles. 15mg is a standard dose that will prove effective for both beginners and experts. That being said, if you are still unsure of how these THC infused taffy candies will affect you, you could split them in half to split the dosage in half. This is advisable if you are still getting used to the effects of Delta-9. If you have a lot of experience with Delta-9 THC, then the standard 15mg can be extended up to 30mg for a more significant experience.

MJCBD Delta 9 Taffy 150mg (15mg/10ct) - 3 Flavors $19.99
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