MJ Pet Full Spectrum Tincture 500mg Salmon Flavor

If your dog has a taste for the finer things in life, they will love our pet-friendly CBD drops in fresh salmon flavor. This is the easiest way that your dog can get their paws on a fresh salmon fillet. This fishy salmon flavor tastes authentic and delicious!


With these pet-friendly drops, your pet will get 500 milligrams of powerful full-spectrum CBD in every 30 milliliters of oil.  There’s no need to worry about psychoactive properties when you’re giving your dog this yummy treat. Every CBD drop is completely THC-free! Your dog gets all the benefits without any harmful side-effects.


Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary’s pet-friendly CBD drops taste so good they might as well be a snack. But unlike traditional dog treats, these drops will strengthen your dog’s overall wellbeing. They are just what your puppy needs to feel more relaxed physically and emotionally.  Your dog will be able to sleep more soundly and their energy levels will be more controlled.


If you want to give your dog an extra special treat, purchase your pet-friendly CBD drops in the fresh salmon flavor today!

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