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Prospect Park, Memphis, TN 38106 – Smoke Shop Near Me

About the Prospect Park in Memphis, Tennessee


Prospect Park, located in Memphis Tennessee was created in the late 1890s by a group of wealthy cotton brokers who wanted to create an English-style park. The land Prospect Park is situated on was once part of the Chickasaw Indian territory before it became part of West Tennessee when Andrew Jackson took control through his treaty with the Chickasaws. Prospect Park is not only known for its beauty but also the history found in Prospect Park.

The History of Tennessee has been marked by this park as well as other great landmarks throughout history. One example is Robert Church’s home which was used during the Civil War for Union officers to use when they were in the city. Prospect Park is a great place to visit or live as many people today do. Prospect Park has been legally protected from development and it continues to be a beautiful piece of Memphis’s history for years to come.


Things to Do in Prospect Park


Prospect Park is a beautiful place to visit. The park has many things that you can do including playing sports, fishing, visiting the zoo, and biking. If you are looking for something fun to do with your family or friends in Memphis then this is the perfect place for you! 

The park has an area where children can play on swings and slides without worrying about cars or other dangers. There are also areas where adults can relax after participating in one of the many activities available at Prospect Park. I highly recommend coming here if you are ever in Memphis because there is truly something for everyone!

Prospect Park is blessed with an abundance of fun attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. Here’s a shortlist of our favorites:

The Links at Pine Hill is a beautiful, gated community in Memphis, Tennessee. The property offers its residents and guests the perfect balance of country living and all the perks of modern conveniences. With an award-winning golf course right on-site with 18 holes of challenging golf, you'll never find yourself bored during your stay! 

The Links at Pine Hill is also close to dining options like Rafferty's Steakhouse (a favorite among locals), shopping centers such as Wolfchase Galleria Mall, and Shelby Oaks Shopping Center just minutes away from home, and much more! If you're looking for a place that has it all–and then some–look no further than The Links at Pine Hill.

The Memphis Zoo is a well-secured, family-friendly place with more than 3500 animals representing 500 different species. The zoo was created in 1906 and has been home to many visitors for over 100 years! It's located near downtown MidTown Memphis where you can find plenty of fun activities going on throughout the day or take your time exploring this beautiful 76-acre site owned by our city.

Tennis Memphis Inc., a non-profit youth development organization and 4-star chapter member of the United States Tennis Association National Junior Tennis & Learning Network operates 7 strategically placed neighborhood tennis centers throughout inner-city Memphis with more than 62 courts. They offer lessons for all levels on site as well as free sports clinics including soccer coaching certification courses taught by ex-professional players!

The mission statement reads “to build better communities through education.” That's just what they do every day – teaching people how to play racquetball or baseball so that there are healthier environments where kids who might not otherwise get out into nature can feel safer again while also having fun doing something new instead of their usual activity which might not be good to their physical health.

Living in Prospect Park


Living in Prospect Park, Memphis TN is a great place to call home. There are many things that make this area great including its location and affordability. The central location makes it easy for people who work downtown or want to enjoy the nightlife of Broad Avenue to get there quickly. It's also nice because you can easily visit other areas like East Memphis where you can find popular shopping malls like Oak Court Mall or Collierville Towne Centre. Another thing I love about living here is how affordable it is compared to surrounding cities like Germantown and Collierville which have become more expensive recently due to their popularity as well as their proximity to major highways that lead into town making them desirable places for commuters. This means that life in Prospect Park is more affordable and feels more like a suburb than an inner-city neighborhood.

Residents of Prospect Park are blessed to live in an area full of nature while also being quite close to city life.  There is never a shortage of coffee shops, parks, or shopping centers to enjoy within a five-minute drive of Prospect Park. Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

The Norris Avenue Missionary Baptist Church is a baptized body of believers that seeks to praise and glorify God's presence in our lives by proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, performing acts of love as families together for one another’s edification – with an ultimate goal being achieving eternal purpose on earth.

They believe that the door to salvation is always open and so are their church's doors. Their mission as a community of believers is to show God’s love on a daily basis through works of charity, sharing what they have with others in need around them, or even just listening deeply when they speak about their lives for any reason – because everyone deserves someone who will take time out from everything else going on around them simply by being present without judgment!

The Bible is the inspired, infallible word of God. They believe that there's only one God and He has three persons: Father, Son & Holy Spirit all together as a unit named 'The Trinity.' And each person in this trinity plays an important role in our salvation! 

Infallibility means it can't be wrong; we look forward with great hope on Jesus' return to earth where he will receive his followers into heaven forever–and those who trust him now might get saved too.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Prospect Park


Located in the heart of Memphis, TN is Prospect Park. Prospect Park has a lot to offer for everyone! There are many different types of parks and schools within the area. Some notable ones include Central High School, Graceland, and White Station High School. These schools are all located in close proximity to each other which makes it easy for students who live nearby or wish to walk home after school. If you're looking for something fun to do with your child then looks no further than the playgrounds that surround this park. 

Prospect Park is also home to some amazing parks, schools, public libraries, and schools for its citizens to enjoy.  These facilities are all world-class, beautifully maintained, and clean so residents of surrounding communities often visit to enjoy them.  Here’s a short list all located in Prospect Park:

Visit Graceland, the world's largest and most comprehensive Elvis museum. Immerse yourself in his incredible career through hundreds of artifacts from impressive archives including gold records to platinum pieces! There are also stunning jumpsuits that will take you back to your childhood days with this king-of-soul singer. 

The Presley Motors Automobile Museum is one of the most impressive museums in all of America. It displays some vehicles that will make you wish your car ever looked like it! highlights include Elvis's Pink Cadillac, a 1975 Dino Ferrari, and many more cars to choose from at this museum dedicated exclusively for motorsports fans who love seeing their favorite celebrities on display with them as well.

At Hamilton High School, they understand that every student is unique and has their own learning style. To help them succeed as they grow from adolescents into adults with the necessary skill set for life outside of school walls – which will be supported by a caring environment where relationships can thrive without judgement or fear- their teachers make sure to provide developmentally appropriate teaching methods so each individual feels valued no matter what background he/she comes from or how much time she spends reading versus playing video games all day long!

At Veritas College Preparatory Charter School, the aim is to give every student in Memphis a chance for success. They prepare these kids by teaching them skills they'll need as high schoolers and college graduates so that when it's time grow up into responsible adults with good moral instincts who can contribute positively both inside their communities or out on some faraway planet someday-you know this person will be prepared. 

At the Veritas Prep school, they envision a rigorous and highly structured environment in which teachers prepare their students for success. Their goal is to provide an academically driven learning experience that fosters student achievement through data-driven instruction by providing expertly trained faculty who model scholarship as well as respect among one another while creating a safe space where kindness can thrive within this community of scholars.

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