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Memphis is a city with rich sporting history, and in recent years it has been gaining recognition for its golf courses. With an abundance of natural green space, golfers can enjoy the scenic foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains while they play. The area also offers some urban-style courses such as Shadow Lake Golf Course which features water hazards and high bluffs. 

The Memphis Golf Association is dedicated to promoting and growing the game. They offer year-round competitions, clinics, tournaments, and leagues for all skill levels so you’ll always find someone to hit balls with or compete with. 

There is a golf course for every level of player in Memphis. In the south, you will find courses that are great for beginners and those who want to practice their swing. There are also courses with challenging water hazards and elevation changes that provide an experience anyone can enjoy. This article will explore all of the options available to you when it comes to playing golf here in Memphis, 

Memphis, Tennessee is one of the most underrated golf destinations in the country. The city has a vibrant culture and is home to some great courses. 

 Some courses offer the perfect backdrop for your weekend adventure, including some of the best views in all of Memphis. There is no shortage of golf courses available to fit any budget.

Golf is a game that has been around for centuries. It’s played by millions of people across the globe, and it’s enjoyed by just as many spectators. The rules are fairly simple to learn – even if you’re not an avid golfer – but mastering the game takes years of practice and dedication.

Memphis is a city that has a rich history of music, food, and culture. With the recent addition of a new golf course, there’s even more for Memphians to love about their hometown. The Memphis Golf Club is nestled in the heart of Shelby Farms Park and offers everything from challenging courses to beginner-friendly greens. 

Three different courses in Memphis Tennessee:

1)The first course is called Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey, which was designed by Donald Ross in 1907. It’s known as one of America’s best golf courses because it has beautiful scenery with lots of trees around the greens and bunkers as well as water hazards on 13 holes. The great thing about this course is that there aren’t many big hills; it’s mostly flat terrain so players won’t feel like they’re going uphill or downhill during their round.  

2)Next up we have Cypress Point Golf Course near Monterey, California. This course is very challenging because it’s surrounded by water and has many natural hazards including rocks on the ground which make players more cautious about where they’re aiming their ball during each shot. Cypress Point was designed by Alister MacKenzie in 1928 so its design was based on traditional Scottish golf courses that were around hundreds of years ago while still keeping some modern aspects to the game like sand traps instead of mounds with grass on them (like you would see at Pine Valley).

3)Mid Pines Golf Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Players can choose between playing 18 holes or 27 when they come here but either way, there are lots of hills here so this isn’t the flattest course in the world. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr., so it has a very traditional style with lots of sand traps and water hazards lining every hole. The best part about this course is that there are two fantastic courses instead of just one!

With all this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Memphis is home to some fantastic courses! Whether you’re looking for a quick round or taking your time with 18 holes, there are plenty of options available for golfers in Memphis.

Memphis, Tennessee, is blessed with some of the country’s most amazing golf courses.  Here’s a quick breakdown of our favorites: 

  • Memphis Country Club
  • The Links at Overton Park
  • The Links At Galloway
  • The Links at Riverside
  • The Links at Fox Meadows
  • The Links at Pine Hill
  • The Links at Audubon
  • TPC Southwind
  • Windyke Country Club

These amazing golf courses are located just down the street from our location at South Third Street across from The Southgate Shopping Center. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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