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About Riverview in Memphis, Tennessee 38109

Riverview is a neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee. It borders the neighborhoods of Raleigh and Whitehaven to the west and north. The area was originally named for its location on the banks of Wolf River until it was re-named “Riverview” by developer C.C. Terrell in 1909 after he bought the land from one M.D. Boren.    There are two parks, one on each side of Eastman Road: North Park (31 acres) and South Park (18 acres). Both have walking trails, fishing lakes, tennis courts, playgrounds and ball fields with soccer fields nearby at Liberty Park off Airways Boulevard near Shelby Farms Park & Nature Center where there’s also an amphitheater which hosts music concerts during warmer weather.

It was originally built as a resort and has since then been converted into an affluent residential area. The homes are mostly brick with large yards. There are many parks in the Riverview area but only one school – Riverdale Elementary School and there is also no major grocery store within walking distance of the community. 

Riverview’s best feature is its proximity to Wolfchase Galleria Mall which is just a few miles away on I-40 E. This mall offers residents easy access to shopping, dining, movies, fitness centers and other attractions that they may not have at home or closer to their workplace.

It is a community with a small town feel. It’s not too far from the city center and has some great amenities you’ll want to know about. Riverview offers many family-friendly parks for those who love being outdoors. There are also plenty of restaurants that have all types of cuisine to choose from. If you’re looking for a place where people care about their community and aren’t just trying to get by, then this is your spot!

Things to Do in Riverview in Memphis, TN 38109

If you’re looking for a list of things to do in Riverview in Memphis, Tennessee, the following is a list we’ve compiled of some of the many wonderful attractions and activities you can enjoy while visiting this fair city or maybe you’re a resident and just didn’t know these places exist. Time to check them out and have some fun outdoors.

It was the generous donation of Bessie Vance Brooks that enabled Memphis to have one of its most iconic landmarks. The Beaux-Arts style is often associated with lavish, delicate buildings and sculptures. In 1916, renowned architect James Gamble Rogers revealed plans for a stately building made from marble and stone inlaid with terracotta decoration at every turn so as to give it an aged appearance reminiscent of European palaces like Versailles or Fontainebleau palace near Paris which he had studied on his travels around Europe. 

In this museum you will see a collection of paintings from the Italian, Baroque, Impressionist and 20th Century periods. Some famous artists whose work hangs in the museum are Gainsborough, Hassam, Homer Pissaro and Renoir.

The Museum has an impressive permanent collection that includes artworks from Renaissance Italy to Modern France . You’ll find works by some well known painters like Jean-Baptiste Greuze or Claude Monet as well as sculptures such as those by Auguste Rodin for example!


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Graceland is where Elvis lived for the majority of his life, and a visit there is great for any family who love music. It’s even fun if you don’t know anything about him or what he did; Graceland provides history lessons on each room to help visitors understand why they’re seeing what they see in those rooms.

Graceland was initially opened to the public in 1982 and since then, it has hosted more than 20 million visitors from every state in America. Prior to its opening Memphis saw little tourism trade but Graceland quickly became the cornerstone of this industry for both the city and region as well. As a result, there have been many changes including new attractions such as FedEx Forum, Stax Museum of American Soul Music or National Civil Rights Museum which all contributed towards helping make Memphis one of most popular tourist destinations worldwide.

Graceland is the most famous home in America, after The White House. In 1991 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006 among other accolades. Graceland welcomes over 500,000 visitors each year and has been inducted into the Guinness World Records as “the Most Visited Home On Earth” with more than 1 million people visiting annually (though not all at once).

Graceland is one of five homes that are open to tours throughout the United States including The White House which makes this house even more special!


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The Mid-South Maze is more than just your average Fall attraction. In addition to the corn cannon and hay rides, they also have a haunted maze for all those brave souls who want some extra Halloween fun!

The Mid-South Maze is a great place to spend the day with family and friends. The maze has been around for many years and has a lot of history behind it. There are some fun facts about this maze that you may not know like how the first ever cornfield maze was created here! 

The Corn Maze which features corn stalks as high as 16 feet tall that you can walk through and explore, or the Pumpkin Patch Maze which has pumpkins everywhere! 

The maze covers acres and has trees from all over the world planted throughout its pathways. There are also ponds, bridges, fountains, and waterfalls that make it feel like you’re in another country – even though you’re just minutes away from Beale Street! 

It’s so much fun to stroll through on your own or with friends but be sure not to bring any food because they don’t allow it on premises for liability reasons.

Golf & Games Family Park is not just a great place for kids to hang out and have fun. It’s also an excellent way for parents to bond with their children or family members on the weekends, during school vacations, or other days off from work! Spread over 40 acres of beautiful land in Putt-Putt Fun Center which includes classic video games, mini golf courses if you’ve got some time before your next tee time; batting cages will test even MLB stars’ skills and zip lines are perfect when you need that adrenaline rush. You can enjoy hours playing skeeball or relaxing at the picnic area while catching up with old friends. 

Golf and Games Family Park has all of your birthday needs covered. Whether you’re on a budget or not, they have something for everyone! They offer free parking with security patrolling the area to keep things safe; there’s also an accessible lot available near the entrance if that better suits what you need.


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The Children’s Museum of Memphis provides a great place to visit if you’re looking for fun things to do in Memphis with kids. With more than 20 hands-on exhibits, the museum is dedicated to helping children learn through enjoyable experiences and interactive educational activities. 

It features everything from arts & crafts stations where visitors can create their own work of art or build something new using materials available at each station; science exhibits that encourage inquisitive minds by encouraging exploration into different fields such as physics, chemistry and biology; an area devoted entirely to playtime featuring games like giant checkers board and ping pong tables so parents don’t get bored waiting on the sidelines!

The Children’s Museum of Memphis has a variety of exhibits and programs to keep the kids entertained. There is Campground/Rockwall, Creative Construction, Great American Airways (a plane that visitors can walk through), Milk Bottle Barn (with its own cows!), as well many others such as Afternoon Art time at our Center Stage Play Area or My First Book Club for little patrons. The museum also hosts events throughout the year.


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Living in Riverview, Memphis, TN 38109

Riverview is a small town that has grown into an ever-expanding suburb of Memphis. With the population steadily increasing, Riverview is now home to over 12,000 residents and growing every day. Located just off of I-40, this town offers low crime rates with easy access to many shopping centers and restaurants in Memphis.  It is also home to these churches that provide residents with places to worship and enrich their spiritual lives:

Central Baptist Church Inc. is one of the most historically significant churches in Memphis, Tennessee. They are a loving church that is committed to serving God and their community by spreading the gospel through worship, outreach, education, missions and fellowship. Their pastor’s desire for this church is to have people come from all over Memphis, TN so we can share with them what Jesus has done for them!

Bethlehem Baptist Church is a church committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They believe that God has called them to worship Him and make disciples for His Kingdom in Memphis. They are eager to grow together as they explore how He can use them in this time and place!

They have a strong history of being faithful to the Lord. They want people to know more about them so that they can be part of their church family. Their values are centered on Christ’s teachings, and they strive to live out His message every day. 

Rock of Ages Baptist Church is a church that can be found in Memphis, Tennessee. It has been around for more than 100 years and was first established by the Reverend James H. Spurgeon in 1916. There are many ways to get involved with Rock of Ages whether it be through volunteering, attending one of their events or programs, or visiting them on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am. 

The Baptists are a group of people who hold one name, but many different beliefs. The Baptist denomination teaches that everyone’s faith is personal and no one person can determine another’s religion for them; however the word has become associated with negative terms in recent times. For this reason First Baptist Church has taken steps to let their congregation know they don’t share any negativity or judgement towards those outside of Christianity – something as simple as changing up some signage will help make it clear what kind of environment you’re walking into at FBC.


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People who are looking for a church with strong spiritual teachings and is dedicated to helping people grow in their faith will find that South Parkway Church of God in Memphis TN has what they’re looking for. 

The church is an independent, non-denominational church located in Memphis TN. They are a family of believers that worship together every Sunday morning. They offer many activities and ministries throughout the week to help everyone grow closer to Jesus Christ. 

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Riverview, Memphis TN 38109

Many residents of Riverview, Memphis, TN 38109 are eager to introduce guests to their favorite locations. We’ve compiled a list of parks, schools, and other sites of interest that we think you’ll find interesting. Residents from the neighboring areas use these facilities because they are all world-class, well-maintained, and clean.

Riverview Middle School is not just a school on paper – they are an institution for the Riverview community. With great test scores and one of the lowest student to teacher ratios, it’s no surprise that parents want their kids at this top-rated institution! The extracurricular activities like sports or theater arts make them even more desirable because your child will have fun while learning all day long.

Ford Road Elementary knows that a quality education is about more than just the academics. They know their scholars want to be fearless, respectful and scholarly in all areas of life! This school strives for excellence every day with high expectations and accepting no excuses- creating lifelong learners who are confident but not arrogant -that can take on any challenge they come across while being compassionate towards one another.


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Shelby Farms Park is a 4,500-acre urban park that’s one of the largest in America. Located in Memphis, Tennessee and bordering three counties including Fayette County, Shelby County and Crittenden County to its east lies this incredible space which welcomes visitors with open arms no matter what their interest might be. Whether you choose to visit on your own two feet or explore via bike or boat there are plenty of activities for everyone here!

Shelby Farms Park is a 40+ mile-long park filled with paved and unpaved trails that are popular for walking, biking, running or hiking. The 10.65-mile long Greenline trail connects the heart of Memphis to Cordova through Shelby Farm’s acres of land while also providing plenty of opportunities for fishing on its 20 bodies of water! Home to more than just humans though – there’s even buffalo roaming freely in this massive piece of nature!


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The sounds and smells that surround you in Overton Park are what make it a place unlike any other. As the park offers everything from recreation to relaxation, no one ever leaves feeling disappointed or without having engaged with their community. The natural beauty of Memphis is more than just visible-you can feel its importance every time your feet touch the ground as well!

The 342 acres of beautiful land at Overton Park offer something for everyone—recreation, culture, nature; there’s even an opportunity to dance year round if you want too! There will never be anyone who doesn’t find themselves instantly captivated by this iconic public space when they visit because every facet has been designed specifically to inspire people into meeting new friends and experiencing life on another level.

The Overton Park Conservancy is dedicated to raising the funds necessary for maintaining this beautiful and welcoming park, which costs about $1 million every year. The conservancy believes in preserving one of Memphis’ few areas that uniquely connects its community as well as protecting history and our environment while inspiring a new generation of supporters with their work.


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Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library is a great place for anyone in Memphis, TN to visit! The first floor has plenty of books and computers available for visitors to use while they’re there with WiFi included as well. There is also an auditorium that can be used by organizations who want to give presentations or speeches about their organization. For those wanting more than just a book, Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library has plenty of interactive exhibits on the second floor including an art gallery, film room, and space where people can play chess or checkers if they choose!

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