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1908 House of Wine & Ale

207 N Main St, Cibolo, TX 78108, United States


Nestled quietly along historic old Main Street, the 1908 House of Wine caters to the discerning wine and craft beer aficionados, thus fostering the remarkable popularity of Cibolo's modern and exciting downtown destinations. Fun-seeking crowds can appreciate today's modern environment, and still encounter the turbulent freight trains that serve as a reminder of Cibolo's rich historical past. Our lovely old residence at 207 N. Main was built as a private home in 1908, also serving as a boarding house for a while. Imagine the incredible conversations these old walls had to hear! We tried to respect the original character by using authentic interior walls and sourced materials from the early 1900's, but expressed in a novel modern flair.

These include bead board, tin and interior exterior doors dating back to the late 19th century, as well as other heritage pieces such as cast iron Singer Sewing factory stools, ammo boxes, and other period sofas. One might believe that these old couches had their fair share of extraordinary memories, too—but they heartily encourage you to add your own contemporary experiences. Just watch the correct decoration, the wink, the wink—others will see you.

This is a gem. It's so cute, and it's got a lot of replicated things to keep the history of this house alive. There's a lot of sitting in and out, and it's such a spacious yet cozy environment. They have long menus of beer and wine, and surprisingly a very nice selection of homemade beer (not the typicals you see on tap everywhere else).

The site is in the area of downtown Cibolo TX, which is being revitalized. The owners have done a fantastic job with this place in the old residential area of the city. It's quickly found by a red front door and a sign on the front. Parking is a separate matter, though. On-site parking is available for 5 or 6 cars. If you're not able to park on-site you're going to have to park a block or two away, and the walk back is on a busy street. It's not a long walk, but you're going to have to turn around to get to the parking lot that's open. Indoor and patio tables are available for company. Indoors also offers a couch and an overstuffed area of seats, if you like it more. The hardwood floor and the typical South Texas look add to the atmosphere.

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These “hidden” wineries are located just down the street from our location at Marbach Road in the Rainbow Hills district of San Antonio. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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