San Antonio Dog Parks – Lady Bird Johnson Park

San Antonio, TX 78217, United States

Through her efforts to improve the American landscape and conserve its natural beauty as a national treasure, Lady Bird Johnson has received numerous honors, including a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Columbia Island was renamed to her memory in 1968. Elegant gardens and scenic viewpoints are reminiscent of her conviction that beauty would make the world less bleak and tense.

Once you park your car near the dog park, if you turn to the left,  prior to the main path, there is a dirt track running alongside the lake. You are not going to cross it, you are on the nearest side of the field. There is a nice and quiet walk back there, there is plenty of wildlife to check out, and some quite good rock climbing. This trail is for the daring type. It progresses to a wide clearing with two ponds and low lying trees which makes a good spot for picnic. The bike trails here are great. For the entire stretch the trails are clean, paved, with plenty of shade and almost no traffic activity. The routes, including a really cool boardwalk in the riverbed between McAllister and Lady Bird parks, go under the bridges and freeways.

There is sufficient birding, but photography in that area is limited due to the location of the trees and lighting. You may get a storybook-like display of tons of fireflies lighting up the sky, that is,  if you go on the right night.

Park has a number of football fields, a tiny baseball field. Two fences can be seen for the dog park. One for small dogs, and another for the bigger ones. Families come with puppies, strollers, and even rollerblades, closer to the entrances to the park and trailheads. You see riders and professionals share the vast space. There is a posted notice to keep pedestrians and slower bikes to the right, and when they pass to the left, bikers interact well. Lots of animals such as deer, cranes, bats, and armadillos. Hundreds of trees along the way, and peaceful silence. Rules and regulations for this park include planned public commercial activities such as commercial photography, filming and weddings, need a permit.

This iconic park is located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas, along with these other must-see dog parks you shouldn’t miss: 

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These amazing dog parks are located just down the street from our location at 11440 Potranco Road, Suite 102. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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