San Antonio Dog Parks – Madison Square Park

400 Lexington Ave, San Antonio, TX 78215, United States

In the 1920s, San Antonio was undergoing rapid population growth and comprehensive development. Streets and services were rebuilt and thoroughfares, including Lexington Avenue, were expanded to accommodate those improvements. The Lexington Avenue extension was completed throughout April 1926.

With a ribbon-cutting ceremony and animal blessing, the.65-acre dog park at Madison Square Park opened to the public in 2010. The dog park features a fenced off-leash section, a drinking fountain for dogs and seats. Be sure to always have a leash with you, and use it if not within the designated off-leash play area.  This awesome dog haven is situated in an area of downtown San Antonio hence every parking space is on the street, and it’s metered. Bring plenty of loose change to fill your meter. If you enter the park after 6 pm or on Sundays, the street parking fee will not apply.

San Antonio Parks provide a chance for people to spend time outdoor leisure with fresh air, sunlight, and quick visitor exercise. Enjoy the scenery, take a walk and de-stress. Research shows that people who spend time in parks are less likely to become ill, which means less time missing school and work, as well as lower healthcare costs and better general health. And it’s refreshing, and enjoyable. Make sure to visit San Antonio Park today.

Madison Square Dog Park is filled with all the stuff you and your dog may want for a fun-filled playtime. All you need is actually made available for you, so no need to pack anything from your house.The playtime provides plenty of space for your furry friend to run around and work off his cooped-up energy. The play area is a mix of grass, leaves and dirt. After rainy weather, it can get messy so you might want to carry a towel in your car to clean the dirty paws of your dog before returning home. There’s also a pavement walkway heading through the dog park center where your dog can do their thing. The play area includes drinking water through fountains, as well as clean-up bags that you can use to rid of the waste from your dog.There are several benches, too, where you can relax and enjoy watching your beloved pet having some fun. 

Tidy, safe dog park with 3 entrances with double doors. Good lights for nighttime visits. Several picnic tables and a few benches to sit back and enjoy while your dog is playing and getting some exercise. So peaceful, lying on the bench for an hour, listening to the trees is great.

Alcohol is not allowed at Madison Square Park.  All amenities are at a first come, first serve basis though the park may be rented out but reservations may be required. The rental fee is $50 per day.

This awesome park is located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas, along with these other must-see dog parks you shouldn’t miss: 

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These amazing dog parks are located just down the street from our location at 11440 Potranco Road, Suite 102. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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