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Building inspection is an inspection carried out by a building inspector, a person who is employed by a town, township or county and is typically qualified in one or more disciplines that enable them to make a professional decision as to whether a building meets the requirements of the building code. Building inspectors can charge a direct fee or a fee for construction permits. Inspectors may also hold on to construction work until inspection is completed and approved. Some experience in building inspection, such as facade inspections, is required by some towns or counties and is considered compulsory. Such are to be carried out by engineers, not contractors. Such checks are also included in a contract inspection of the building but may not be thoroughly examined and assessed like an engineer might. 

Understanding the condition of the property as best as you can before you buy will help you prevent complications and potential costs down the track. The easiest way to do this is to get a pre-purchase property inspection report-usually called a building inspection report. A building inspection report should provide sufficient details for you to know the condition of the property and recognize any significant issues.

Building inspectors are often appointed by governments and are often accredited by the State or the International Code Council (ICC), although no certification is necessary at all. Inspections are carried out to ensure that the architectural, plumbing, electrical, mechanical or specialty codes, such as swimming pool codes, are upheld by the jurisdiction in which they reside. There are several types and levels of inspectors accredited by ICC.

The Building Standards Board is a quasi-judicial body formed to hear San Antonio Property Maintenance Code appeals and violations, as well as summary abatement appeals. The board shall also rule on cases and may order the repair or demolition of a structure at the expense of the owner.

Property owners will appeal to the Building Standards Board for a breach of property maintenance regulations. Appeals must be based on an argument that the code’s true meaning has been wrongly interpreted or is not being enforced and/or that there is a specific individual purpose that makes the code’s strict letter unworkable. The appellant may propose an alternative proposal which fulfills the Code’s intent and purpose and does not diminish the requirements of health, life and fire safety.  Both appeals must be lodged no later than 10 business days after the infringement notice has been issued.

The Building Standards Board is a body of residents of 14 members appointed by the City Council: two committees of seven members each.

This respected office is located near downtown San Antonio, Texas:

  • San Antonio Mayor’s Office
  • San Antonio City Clerk-Records
  • San Antonio Economic Development Department
  • District 2 City Council Office
  • Federal courthouse San Antonio, TX
  • San Antonio Passport & Birth Certificate office
  • FBI Headquarters San Antonio
  • San Antonio Public Safety Headquarters

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