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315 S Santa Rosa Ave, San Antonio, TX 78207, United States

The headquarters of San Antonio Public Safety is a $57 million design-build project by Hensel Phelps and Fentress Architects with architect associate Lopez Salas. This project unites the departments of San Antonio Fire and Police in a modern building with 240,000-SF, centralizing many city facilities and creating much-needed accommodation for the already overcrowded units. It will also encourage both departments to incorporate emerging technology, improve performance, and eventually strengthen their public safety capabilities. 

The overall construction comprises a six-story administration building and a parking garage of nine storeys. The administration building is cast-in-place concrete with a glass atrium from floors three to six, linked to the adjacent parking garage on the first two levels by a two-story steel and glass public lobby, and a fourth level bridge connection. The parking garage provides built-out ground floor office space, and structural facilities for a potential solar array. It was designed as a double helix and has a single operated entrance / exit ramp off Urban Loop. The project also promotes the goals of the City of San Antonio including sustainability achievement through LEED Silver certification and dedication to a high degree of local and small business participation.

In cooperation with the people we represent, the San Antonio Police Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing a secure community. We are acting with honesty to reduce fear and crime while treating all with dignity, compassion, and equity. Its vision is to be the leading law enforcement agency for a safer San Antonio through building confidence, building relationships, and sharing leadership within the San Antonio Police Department and community. Principles followed are Integrity, Respect, Compassion and Fairness. 

In 1995 the Department formed a special Community Policing Unit, the San Antonio Fear Free Environment Unit (SAFFE), which is closely related to community engagement initiatives such as Cellular on Patrol (launched in 1993) and the Citizen Police Academy (launched in 1994).

Community Policing is a joint initiative between a police department and community that recognizes crime and disorder problems and includes all community members in the quest for solutions to these problems. It is focused on strong, mutually beneficial relationships between police and members of the community. Problem-Oriented Policing is the technique used to create long-term solutions to crime or deterioration issues in neighborhoods. Police, residents, and other agencies or groups are working together to recognize and define the causes of local crime issues, and then create solutions to the causes of the issues. Police and residents use P.O.P. to create long-term solutions to chronic crime problems in neighborhoods around San Antonio, resulting in drops not just in crime rates but also in the fear of crime.

If a member of the public comes to the Public Safety Headquarters (PSHQ) to talk as a witness or complainant in a case to a Department employee in a follow-up unit, they are asked to park in the designated city parking lot at the Nueva and Santa Rosa intersections. The department employee would happily help them to get their ticket checked to avoid parking fees.

If a member of the public comes to the PSHQ to buy a report, they are accountable for their parking fees, wherever they want to park. If a member of the public requires the use of parking space for Americans with Disabilities (ADA), they are permitted to use an ADA parking spot inside the PSHQ parking lot when attending business inside the building.

This iconic office is located near downtown San Antonio, Texas:

  • San Antonio Mayor’s Office
  • San Antonio City Clerk-Records
  • San Antonio Economic Development Department
  • San Antonio Building Inspections
  • District 2 City Council Office
  • San Antonio Passport & Birth Certificate office
  • FBI Headquarters San Antonio
  • San Antonio Public Safety Headquarters

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