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Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation (HPARC) and Hemisfair Conservancy are partnering together to transform and enable the 1968 World’s Fair site into a series of three parks in San Antonio ‘s heartland.

The San Antonio City Council founded HPARC in 2009, a 501(c)3 non-profit local government organization governed by a 13-member board composed of local stakeholders and two members of the City executive. The board members give guidance to Hemisfair employees and are named to serve four-year terms by the San Antonio City Council. HPARC is responsible for the acquisition, planning, growth, construction, management , maintenance and financing of projects at Hemisfair.

Aside from environmental and cultural preservation, Hemisfair strives to become financially self-supporting. The Hemisfair Conservancy, an autonomous 501(c)3 with its own board of directors, was formed to collect, administer and distribute philanthropic dollars for park enhancement initiatives by generous donations from a large array of private donors, family foundations, companies and other grant-making outlets.

Hemisfair is where San Antonio meets once more. # ParkItAtHome is your Hemisfair programming tool which you love, tailored for home play.

No matter where you come from, Hemisfair is home. Together, they are creating one of the largest public squares in the world.

Hemisfair is the ideal place for the next birthday party, glamorous dinner, business conference or festival in the city.

Hemisfair is a neighborhood in the center of San Antonio, with homes , small businesses, and three public parks. Redevelopment projects are intended to turn an empty area left over from the World’s Fair of 1968 into a lively, active district with urban parks, bringing residents and a community back to the center with town.

Yanaguana Garden at Hemisfair has been open to the public since 2015 and is a beautifully landscaped outdoor wonderland for children and adults of all ages and abilities. Kids dig into the Sand Play area and cool off at Union Pacific Railroad Splash Pad. Adults watch a ping pong or cornhole in the shade over drinks. Adaptive play equipment allows users with wheelchairs and children to engage in fun on the playground. Yanaguana Garden is illuminated with bright colors throughout the evening, welcoming diners to walk towards one of the vibrant outdoor restaurants.

This amazing kid-friendly park is located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas, along with these other must-see parks you shouldn’t miss: 

  • Brackenridge Park
  • Pearsall Park 
  • Orsinger Park
  • Brooks Park 
  • Kiddie Park In the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium
  • San Antonio Missions National Historical Park 
  • Woodlawn Lake Park 
  • San Pedro Springs Park 

These amazing family-friendly parks are located just down the street from our location at 20770 U.S. Hwy 281 N #107. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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