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Medina River Winery

3179 FM471, Castroville, TX 78009, United States


It all started out as some home-grown winemaking and a few vines in pots. However it was not long until Matthew Blais, an organic chemist working at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, planted and expanded the vines. Today, Matthew and partner Kenneth DuBois have spent their weekends and time off developing a young winery, the Medina River Winery.

The winery is tiny right now. Though small, the vineyard is lovingly tended (and growing). They concentrate on growing Sangiovese, Mourvèdre, and Syrah, as these three varieties have done well for them. Other grape varieties include Cayuga, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Tempranillo, Zinfandel and Blanc du Bois (though the bugs seemed to like it). They work to be as sustainable as they can, despite the limitation of preservatives in wine. They make small batch wines that can be sold quickly; their first estate, Sangiovese (Blood of the Grape), was easily sold out.


The Owners


Dr Matthew Blais

Dr. Matthew Blais has a long-term love of healthy food and fine wine. Over the last 6 years, he has expanded his talent for gardening by growing grapes and making wine. Starting with 1 acre of land and 40 grapevines, the winemaking process began to be mastered and the winery expanded. He and his partners have recently founded the Medina River Winery, which focuses on growing grape varieties that are well suited to the climate of southern Texas to produce native red and white wines. His great hope is to create an inexpensive fine wine that the people of the counties of Medina and Bexar and beyond will truly appreciate. Matthew is also Director of Research and Development at the Southwest Research Institute and holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry

Kenneth DuBois

Kenneth developed a love for great wine while living in the Northwest. While staying there he had the opportunity to visit several of the great wineries on the western coast. During this time, he became interested in the whole process, from growing and fermenting, to enjoying great varieties of wine.

Kenneth's career as a manager of several government initiatives has led him to specialize in company growth and operational performance. These skills, along with those of his business partner, would be of utmost importance in delivering unsurpassed customer support in the industry.


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These “hidden” wineries are located just down the street from our location at Marbach Road in the Rainbow Hills district of San Antonio. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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