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26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266, United States

The Natural Bridge caverns in the U.S. state of Texas are the largest known recreational caverns. The name comes from the bridge of the 60 ft natural calcareous slab that crosses the amphitheater environment at the entrance to the cavern. The gap was left hanging when a sinkhole collapsed under it. 

The caverns are in the Texas Hill Country near the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, a drive-through nature safari park, in the city of San Antonio, Texas. Many unusual speleothems and other geological formations appear in the caves. The temperature within the cave is 21 degrees Celsius (70 ° F) year-round and the humidity rate is 99 percent constant. The deepest section of the public tour lies 180 feet below the surface, while undeveloped cavern areas reach 230 feet deep.The caverns thrive gradually still. Because of the calcite porosity, rainwater flows down through the rock layers, dissolving calcite, a poor mineral that makes up all the speleothems at Natural Bridge Caverns. Water goes into the caverns where it flows and drips constantly throughout after exiting the limestone, causing the formation to retain a waxy luster which can be seen in few caverns.

Owners of the Caverns changed the names for the passages in 2008. The “North Cavern” has been renamed to “Discovery Passages,” and the “South Cavern” has been renamed to “Hidden Passages.” The change in names better represents the cavern’s discovery and exploration history and eliminates any uncertainty for visitors, according to the landowners. Work continues for new tours. The cave was the subject of a 2013 episode of Texas Country Reporter, the syndicated anthology television show hosted by Bob Phillips.

Recent proof is available of bats living in Natural Bridge Caverns including roosting areas and bat guano accumulation. Bracken Cave, located near Natural Bridge Caverns, is home to one of two major Texas bat colonies. The Bats inhabiting Bracken Cave are a small species called free-tailed Mexican bats. It has recently drawn the attention of conservationists that in North America there is a condition called white nose syndrome which affects bats. Nothing is known about the disease, but on at least six species of bats it has tragic consequences. In an attempt to fight the epidemic, Natural Bridge Caverns collaborated with Bat Conservation International. 

The Natural Bridge Caverns Sinkhole Site is located on the property, an archeological location that is cited in the National Register of Historic Places. The location of the site is not publicly disclosed to preserve relics for ongoing research in their context. At Texas’s largest underground attraction, regular guided tours permit visitors to explore large underground chambers and see massive formations. The biggest room is larger than that of a football field. Explore rocks, minerals, and rough-cut gems at the Sluice Natural Bridge Mining Company above ground. Canopy Challenge is available daily but depending on conditions. The Canopy Challenge will test your strength on over 40 different obstacles when you’re on our 4-story Adventure Course, 60 foot high. Then you can ride in our zip-lines around the beautiful Texas Hill Country. 

The place is open daily however the hours depends on the date. Closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Easter.

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