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Saint Tryphon Farm & Vineyards

24 Wasp Creek Rd, Boerne, TX 78006, United States


Saint Tryphon (pronounced Tree-Fon) Farm & Vineyards has grown from three core loves: TEXAS, the great wines of the world and good people. Their mission is to make great wines from the great vineyards of Texas. And they mean “great,” fascinating, wild and real.

They are a family farm: Silouan, Mary Elizabeth and Anna Bradford, their horses, their sheep, their chickens. They're curating a farm that works to create peace within itself. Joy, compost, rigor and creativity. They're also a little interesting, wild and authentic, much like their wines.




Farmhouse Vineyards

Farmhouse Vineyards is a brother/sister multi-generation farm family that grows four vineyards in three separate locations in Texas High Plains AVA. Farmhouse focuses on varieties well suited to the dry terroir of the High Plains, and for Tryphon, the jewel of their land is Mourvedre. First and foremost, they are farmers, concentrating on quality over yield.



The Newsom's are pressing to be one of the biggest wine-growers in Texas wineries. They genuinely believe in the future and dominance of Texas wine and grape production. The High Plains reliably produces the finest quality wine grapes and Texas wineries know this and continue to look to the area for more of their grapes.


Bird in Hand Society


Flight Club

Receive 3 bottles, 4 times per year, 10% discount on club wines and any additional wines purchased during the period.

Horse & Hunter Club

Receive 6 bottles, 4 times per year, 20% discount on club wines and any additional wines purchased during the period.

Falconer's Club

Receive 12 bottles, 4 times per year, 25% discount on club wines and any additional wines purchased during the period.

Essentially, Saint Tryphon Farm & Vineyards is just one more fine example of someone daring to live the Texas Hill Country winery's dream and show it can be achieved in Boerne. Named after the 3rd century Christian Saint of all things connected to wine and gardening, Saint Tryphon, the owners of Silouan and Mary Elizabeth Bradford have taken to heart what great grapes from the land can do to make wonderful wines. Impressed by Napa wineries, travels to Europe and good advice from local winemaker Lewis Dickson, their dreams started to take root in 2013 with the purchase of their estate in Boerne soon followed by the planting of the Blanc du Bois vines in 2016. The winery, which opened to the public in February 2018, has been serving a range of well-crafted wines to many satisfied wine lovers. They specialize in the use of natural wine fermentation techniques. The winemaking style of Silouan has created some amazing natural and great tasting choices.

San Antonio is blessed with some little-known but amazing wineries you shouldn’t miss: 

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These “hidden” wineries are located just down the street from our location at Marbach Road in the Rainbow Hills district of San Antonio. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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