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14900 Kyle Seale Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78255, United States

Dr. Hector P. Garcia, a formidable civil rights activist, has dedicated his life to fighting for justice and equality for Mexican Americans. Whether pressing for health benefits for Latino veterans or pressuring the nation to disintegrate the school system, Garcia has actively organized support from migrant workers and American presidents to break down social barriers.

Born in Mexico in 1914, Garcia emigrated with his family to Mercedes, Texas, at a time when Mexican Americans were heavily discriminated against and were unable to frequent the same restaurants, movie theaters and barber shops as Anglos. Fortunately, Garcia’s parents instilled in him and his siblings love and respect for education. Garcia attended Edinburgh Junior College, walked 30 miles to and from school every day, and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1934. After graduating from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Garcia joined the Army to serve in the Second World War.

Working diligently for social and political reform, the GI Forum has grown into a trusted forum for Mexican Americans who have truly affected progress. When Garcia was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1984, he was the highest civil recognition granted by the United States. There aremany of the obstacles that Garcia had fought so hard to bring down. Garcia died in 1996, leaving an important lesson for school children and all Americans on the importance of fighting for equality and justice for all.

  • About Missing Work

Students have two days to complete and transfer to their grade for missed assignments without penalty. Work completed after the two-day deadline will be subject to a fine at the discretion of the teacher. Blank grades for missed assignments are not permitted. Teachers must add an “M” for missed tasks.

  • Projects that are done outside the school.

Of tasks that have been finished for at least 5 days, the two-day late-work penalty will be included in the extended timeline. With assignments that students have been given at least 5 days to complete, no extra homework will be allocated for that period of time. (This does not include classwork that has not been completed.) 

  • Academic Quality

All students are expected to be truthful and show a high level of integrity in the planning and presentation of research in all classes. The attempt of any student to portray what he / she has not done honestly as his / her own work shall be regarded as a serious offense. Academic dishonesty can impose a grading penalty or disciplinary action on the defendant (referral).

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