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13878 Riggs Rd, Helotes, TX 78023, United States

The people of the Helotes region were very proud to see their children educated. Records date back to 1911 when Helothes School became part of the rural school district. The Helote School District was founded around 1927. The current site was bought from Mr. Riggs in 1939. Helotes was part of the Northside Rural School District during the Second World War. HELOTES Elementary School has 29 teachers who have spent an average of 14 years in school. Teachers have an average of 17 years of teaching experience. The school currently has 421 students with a student-to-teacher ratio of 14.50 S / T. HELOTES Elementary School also provides 4 educational aids.

  • Students who are eligible for special education services

Qualifying students can receive support through a variety of service models, including specialized academic support courses, behavioral or pre-requisite training, in-class support, collaborative teaching, speech and language services, as well as other related services. You may contact the District Special Education Department if you have any concerns about the variety of special needs services available in the district’s elementary schools. 

  • Rules of Conduct

The obligation to create a school environment that maximizes learning opportunities and minimizes disruptions lies with the school principals and/or their assigned administrative representatives. If disturbances or delays arise, the managers are encouraged to take the necessary steps to address any disruptions to daily educational activities. 

Determination of the procedures or strategies used should reflect the policy of the District, which notes that its primary objective is the “welfare of boys and girls.” If students violate the rules, regulations or policies of the School and/or the District, they will be subject to various disciplinary management techniques. The methods used should be chosen to alter or correct improper behavior.

  • The sanctions

Students who are excluded from District Schools and expelled, put in or suspended from a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program are prohibited from entering District Property or attending district-sponsored or education-related activities on or off school property during the time of expulsion. Students who breach this policy may be subject to additional administrative penalties.

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