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10785 Triana Pkwy, Helotes, TX 78023, United States

The first Los Reyes Elementary School was founded in 1871 and was used to educate the children of the Helotes area and the outlying ranches.  It was located in the Morales Farm. The school closed, and the second Los Reyes School opened in 1912 on Frank Madla’s house. There was no electricity or running water, so students came to school on foot or on horseback.  The 3rd Los Reyes Elementary School opened in about 1918 and relocated to the current site of Helotes Elementary in 1939. Students walked along Bandera Road as the small ranch community continued to grow.

The Northside Independent School District insists that children come first. The goal of the district is to empower each student to aspire for personal achievement and to ensure that all students learn to work, participate and succeed as responsible individuals in an ever-changing world.

LOS REYES Elementary School has 40 teachers who have been with the school for a total of 11 years. Teachers have an average of 13 years of teaching experience. The school currently has 566 students with a student-to-teacher ratio of 14.30 S / T. The Special Education Department requires 1 teacher to support. LOS REYES Elementary School also hires 6 educational aids.

  • Registration

Registration for returning high school, middle school and elementary school students is made online in the spring preceding the beginning of the new school year. New-to-Northside elementary school students can register online and contact their local school for specific questions. New-to-Northside high school students will register online and call their school counseling office for registration in June and July. New-to-Northside high school students should not expect to register for the Prep Days as counselors to support returning high school students. Registration must take place at high schools on request. Please contact your high school for additional information.

  • Immunization

Immunization is required by law. NISD enforces the principle of “No Shots No School” Students who do not have completed immunization will not be allowed to register. All immunization provisions are subject to legislative changes. The administration of medications at school is strictly controlled by the school nurse in compliance with the District Policy. Procedures for the administration of short-term or long-term drugs are provided in the Student-Parent Handbook.

  • Dress Code

In order to maintain a learning-friendly environment, appropriate student conduct standards are focused on accountability and self-discipline. Both students and their parents sign certificates that signify that they have earned specific school laws. To receive the most up-to-date and precise campus dress code, please contact your child’s school.

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