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Randall H. Fields Elementary School, 9570 FM1560, San Antonio, TX 78254, United States

Randall H. FIELDS Elementary School has 53 teachers who have been in school for an average of 8 years. Teachers have an average of 10 years of teaching experience. The school currently has 845 students with a student-to-teacher ratio of 15.90 S / T. The Special Education Department requires 2 teachers to support. FIELDS Elementary School also provides 8 educational aids.

  • About Randall H. Fields

Randall (Randy) H. H. Fields was born in W.C. on June 16, 1948. And Libby Fields, Louisville, Kentucky. After moving to Mississippi, the Fields family settled in Nashville, Tenn, where Fields attended high school and high school.

  • The Board

Elected by the people to oversee Northside Schools, Trustees are the guardians of public trust and ultimately responsible for our schools by their policies. That duty and the openness of trustees to the electorate make the Board one of the purest examples of democracy in our society. Northside Trustees serve nearly 208,000 households situated 355 square miles northwest of the county of Bexar and portions of the counties of Medina and Bandera. Northside continues to be the “destination” district in San Antonio for many families searching for a better school system for their children and for workers looking for a good place to work.

  • Buses And Transportation

The Northside School District covers an area of about 355 square miles. We provide transportation to our students most effectively by using a multiple bus station model. It eliminates the “deadhead mileage” that is the distance from each bus facility to the first student pick-up location and the last student drop back to the bus facility. We don’t get any state funding for the deadhead mileage. Through dispatching busses from five different bus station sites, we significantly reduce district-wide operating costs per mile.

The Northside School District offers transportation for students who reside within the NISD and live more than two miles away from their designated home campus or for whom a certified hazardous condition has been identified in accordance with TEC, Section 42.155. Hazardous places are excluded from this rule but are checked annually for accessible walkways.

Students will not be able to have “fluctuating schedules.” This ensures that students will not be permitted to have certain days of the week on which to pick up or drop off at one location and then another location for the rest of the week. Fluctuating schedules add too much safety risk to the student by the driver who delivers the student to the wrong location.

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