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11731 Wetmore Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247, United States

The Texas Transportation Museum is a museum that pays homage to the history of transportation and how it has shaped everyday life. It was created in 1964 after recognizing San Antonio’s need for such an establishment, amid many other museums around the world that pay tribute to similar histories spanning from trains and automobiles all the way back to ancient times with artifacts like those found at Pompeii. The TTM operates as much of its collection as possible–which includes model train layouts, antique cars, railroad vehicles on their own heritage railway line (the Longhorn & Western Railroad), etc.–and offers visitors educational entertainment while interpreting how developments in transportation technology have impacted daily life throughout time.

The Texas Transportation Museum reflects our nation’s love affair with travel by preserving relics from over the last century and a half of history. The TTM’s collection includes more than 150 full-sized, operational railroad locomotives, cars and cabooses; dozens of automobiles from 18th to 20th centuries; and hundreds of model trains running on eight elaborate layouts.

The Museum of Science and History was originally located at the Pearl Brewing Company in Downtown San Antonio, but due to expansion they were granted use of forty acres (16 ha) on Wetmore Road. The museum hosts three major events annually: “Easter Egg Hunt” for Easter; their most popular event is called Spook-Track-Ula which you can find out more about here! They are also open year round with a nice Christmas themed exhibit that kids will love.

In addition to train rides (which are available from April through November), there are also some other fun ways visitors can experience the museum including visiting their gift shop or exploring the outdoor area where one could find animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens roaming around freely. There’s also a small railroad village with buildings that demonstrate life during different periods throughout history such as when steam engines were used instead of diesel locomotives or cars started being manufactured using electricity instead of gasoline powered internal combustion engines.

The museum is open from Tuesday through Sunday and offers free admission. The last train leaves at noon on Sundays, so visitors should plan to arrive by 11:00am if they want a guaranteed ride. It’s worth noting that the Southwest Railway Museum also hosted “Day Out with Thomas” in the past until it moved to another location (which made room for new additions such as an interactive railroad exhibit). So, even though this was once where Day Out With Thomas took place, there are still plenty of opportunities for children who enjoy trains or other modes of transportation to have fun exploring this facility!

What To do in Texas Transportation Museum:

– Take a ride on the Longhorn & Western Railroad to experience San Antonio’s transportation past, present and future. It can be combined with exploring their model train layouts for an extended visit.

– Check out some of the antique cars in their exhibit which includes over 100 vehicles from the 18th century through 20th centuries–plus they have many other exhibits like space inside the Zucht Display Building that is available for rent!

– Visit the museum and take a tour for educational entertainment while understanding how developments in transportation technology have impacted daily life throughout history.


– Easter Egg Hunt

– Spook-Track-Ula (Halloween)

-Rummage Sale


– Model trains

– Antique cars

– Railroad vehicles on their own heritage railway line (the Longhorn & Western Railroad)

– Custom remodeled caboose

Longhorn and Western Railroad

– The Longhorn and Western Railroad is a heritage railway line that starts off with an old, restored train station. Visitors can explore this area to learn more about the railroad’s history in San Antonio before they take their first ride on the rails. All of the trains are hand operated by volunteer conductors–so there’s no need for tickets or passes!

Model Train Layouts:

– This museum features eight different layouts which include varying degrees of difficulty as well as plenty of examples of how transportation impacted daily life throughout history. Some layouts offer interactive experiences like “Longhorn City” where children get to use levers to control traffic lights, water mains, and even bridges while learning about what it was like living through major historical events.

– The layouts are set up with a variety of scales from N to G so there’s something for everyone! You can also find a number of model trains in the Museum Shop, which is located on site at Science & History Place–so you don’t have to leave empty handed.

Longhorn City:

– This layout features an interactive experience that kids will love where they get to use levers and other controls to control traffic lights, water mains, bridges even while learning about what it was like living through major historical events. It’s perfect for children ages four years old and up as well as adults who want some hands-on fun without having too much difficulty working out how things work. There are three levels of difficulty, so it’s ideal for beginners as well.

– Visitors can explore the layout and get an overview of what life was like in San Antonio from 1836 through 1963 before taking a ride on the rails to see more detail about transportation innovations throughout history!

If you’re planning a trip to San Antonio, make sure not to miss the Texas Transportation Museum. It’s an educational and nostalgic experience for all ages! Check us out on our website for other blogs available on our page. We hope that this blog has been informative about the museum and given you some ideas of what to do while visiting our city!

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