The Jackson Building – Top Places to Visit in Asheville

22 S Pack Square, Asheville, NC 28801

Perhaps the beloved skyscraper in downtown Asheville, located at 22 S, is Jackson’s decorated building. Square Pack through the park of Pack Square. In 1924, a 13-story Neo-Gothic skyscraper in Western North Carolina was completed, the first skyscraper. It was also North Carolina’s tallest skyscraper! Ronald Greene designed the slender house. The building is unfortunately not publicly open. The Jackson building was built on a stunningly small 27 by 60 feet, which many thought was too small to be constructed. This steel structure is adorned with spectacular stone gargoyles near the top and with a terracotta base. In its early days a “clean-air lookout” was one of the most unusual buildings. Many buildings in Asheville were heated by coal and the city inspector rose up on top of the Jackson building each morning to observe excessive smoke as building furnaces began. A warning was given to purify the furnace when heavy smoke persisted for more than 5 minutes. L. developer of real estate. The Neo-Gothic skyscraper, the first in West North Carolina, was commissioned by B. Jackson to promote his faith in the ongoing strength of the Local Immobiliari market in the 1920s. The Jackson Building has been a visual landmark ever since its completion, with a search light designed to attract tourists to the city. In all of the streets of Asheville here are almost as many styles of architecture as buildings are. In the early 1900s, Asheville was dubbed “Southern Paris” to become a craft town with unique style and architecture. Asheville has grown into the mountains of Western North Carolina throughout its existence. The numerous architectural styles of Asheville celebrate their heritage and demonstrate a lasting structural picture of the diversity of the city.

When it ended in 1924 the Jackson Building stands in the original base of the monument store operated by Thomas Wolfe’s father, 13 story on a strictly hemmed 27x 60 foot lot in North Carolina’s highest skyscraper.  The steel-framed structure was commissioned by L.B. Jackson as a testament to his continued confidence in the immobilier market of Asheville, which swung at the pace of the roaring twenties. The building was designed in Neo-Gothic style with glass mountains and terra cotta by ArchitectRonald Greene, who captured a realistic vertical charm. Just an amazing place with equally amazing history. 

This amazing location is located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, along with these other must-see places of interest: 

  • North Carolina Arboretum
  • Smith-McDowell House
  • McCormick Field
  • The Arras, tallest structure in Asheville
  • Biltmore Estate
  • Thomas Wolfe House
  • Basilica of St. Lawrence
  • Botanical Gardens at Asheville
  • Grove Park Inn
  • Jackson Building

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