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About Prospect Hill in San Antonio, TX

Prospect Hill is a historic area in San Antonio, TX that was first settled by the Spanish. It has been used as a military base, an amusement park, and more recently as a public space for community gatherings such as festivals and concerts. Prospect Hill is located at the intersection of Military Drive and Broadway Street next to Hemisfair Park.

Things to Do in Prospect Hill in San Antonio, TX

Residents and tourists to Prospect Hill will find a wide variety of exciting attractions to enjoy.

Here’s a rundown of some of our favorites:

Cottonwood Wine Tours was founded in 2013 to provide visitors with an unforgettable, first-rate experience. From Hill Country Wines that are exclusively only found on this tour of San Antonio’s vineyards down to their knowledgeable and passionate guides who will make the unforgettable adventure in Cottonwood. When visiting San Antonio, don’t just see the Alamo. Join one of their wine tours and taste some amazing Hill Country wines.

The Historic Market Square is a vibrant and historic area of San Antonio, with most buildings managed by The City. It’s also home to several businesses, and a place where you can find anything from food to clothing.

The Historic Market Square is one of the largest Mexican markets north of the border, where you can find over 100 shops to shop for anything your heart desires. Some examples include Cano Fruiteria, El Merkadito, Plaza Taxco, La Margarita, Viva Villa, and Mi Tierra which are all independently owned businesses in this beautiful historic center.


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The Alameda Theater is one of the last classic Mexican movie palaces in San Antonio still standing. Built back when Mexico was at its golden age, it played host not only to films but variety shows known as “variedades” during that period. 

The Theater has been host to many historic events. Stars like Pedro Infante, Maria Félix, and Cantinflas would grace its stage while it offered desegregated seating for the first time in Hollywood history.

The Alameda Theatre was and remains a landmark of Hispanic culture in San Antonio, Texas.


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For anyone who has ever wanted to get acquainted with Memphis culture, a food tasting tour is an excellent idea. Tastin’ ‘Round Town offers unique experiences that will leave your taste buds satisfied and feeling like they’ve been taken on their little journey through this vibrant city.

Gastronomic gratification is at your fingertips with Tastin’ ‘Round Town. Pick a tour, from modern award-winning Chefs’ offerings to delicious and historic family restaurants— each lasting three hours (or more) in four different spots around town. Visitors get acquainted with the culture of this awesome Mississippi Delta city while learning about architecture or entertainment history on every journey through these great locales that are not only known for their food but lifestyle too.


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Casa Navarro State Historic Site celebrates his life at the original 1850s adobe and limestone home, a historic jewel among its urban surroundings. Explore the story of José Antonio Navarro a rancher, merchant, native-born Texan who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.

The Historic Site was designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and designated a historic landmark in 2017.

Living in Prospect Hill

It has lots of things for families to do together and plenty of room for pets too. For example, there are miles upon miles of trails that you can walk your dog on. And if you have kids who love the water, they will enjoy playing at the Prospect Hill located nearby!

Prospect Hill residents are fortunate to live in a natural setting while still being near to metropolitan activity. Within a five-minute drive of Prospect Hill, there is never a shortage of coffee shops, parks, or retail malls to visit.

Residents can also find spiritual fulfillment at the following places of worship:

White Stone Missionary Baptist Church is located in the historic South Memphis at 187 South Parkway East. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone may join live via the Facebook page “White Stone MB Church”. Their Pastor Reverend Dr. Walker D Wright says that the church’s mission statement has never been more relevant than it is now “’Soul-Winning Is Our Business.'”


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Christ the King Catholic Church is a welcoming and caring community that God called to live out Christ’s message in love for all people.

St. Jude in San Antonio, Texas is a Christian congregation that serves both the local community and encourages others through their life-changing journey with Christianity. The church is a community of people who love one another and work for justice, peace, respect among all faith traditions in their desire to be known by the amount they care about others’ feelings as well as themselves.


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Harpers Chapel Baptist Church is a unique church in the heart of one of San Antonio’s most diverse neighborhoods. They are committed to meeting people where they’re at and encouraging them on their journey towards finding God’s Kingdom for themselves.

The church believes that the Bible is the Word of God and was written by human authors under supernatural guidance. The Holy Spirit inspired every word in its entirety, giving it absolute authority for all faith matters to this day.


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Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Prospect Hill

For its residents to enjoy, Prospect Hill has some fantastic parks, schools, public libraries, and schools. Residents from the neighboring areas use these facilities because they are all world-class, well-maintained, and clean.

Here’s a quick rundown of places to see in Prospect Hill:  

Las Palmas Elementary has renamed themselves, Las Palmas Leadership School for Girls. The neighboring Roy Cisneros Leadership school has also changed its name and became an International Baccalaureate or IB curriculum-based institution.


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The library’s collection of books is unrivaled in its diversity. You will find everything from audio and videotapes, DVDs or CDs for you to enjoy at home with the family on rainy days as well as plenty of juvenile fiction which means there’ll always be something new coming out by favorite authors such as JK Rowling.

The Las Palmas Library provides an exciting space where adults can indulge their passions without fear they will be judged when it comes time to search again.


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The Elmendorf Lake and Park are located on a portion of the land once known as The Coulson Tract that comprised 687 acres in San Antonio, Texas. This scenic park features a 1.25-mile footpath with exercise equipment for those who want to get their workout while enjoying nature at its finest scenery.

The Rainbow Hills Park in San Antonio is a 0.800-mile long, paved trail with an awesome kids playground and basketball court as well as picnic areas for your family outing. At Rainbow Hills Park in San Antonio, visitors can enjoy the outdoors with fresh air and sunshine. The park also has an exercise routine for everyone who comes through its doors. The fresh air, sunshine, and exercise that people can enjoy at Rainbow Hills Park will keep visitors coming back often.

San Pedro Springs Park is located in the Bexar County city of San Antonio, Texas. Surrounding this sacred site and home to many Payaya Indian villages are 46 acres that have been open for public use since 1849. The original location where all major events leading up to today’s City on the Hill was established makes it not only an important historical landmark but also a great place for anyone who wants peace and relaxation with nature at their feet.

Map From Prospect Hill to Our Location

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