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About the Valley High North in San Antonio


Valley High North is an independent city in San Antonio, Texas. It was incorporated on December 1, 1967, and is now home to over 11,000 people. It offers traditional homes and luxury custom homes with unique amenities that will ensure your family's happiness for years to come. With easy access to major highways, this community has all the amenities you need without being too crowded. Located just north, residents enjoy quick trips into downtown or to other parts of town.


Things to Do in Valley High North in San Antonio

San Antonio is a city with lots of cultures, but not all visitors are interested in museums or theme parks. If you want to get away from it all, Valley High North offers many options for relaxation and adventure. 

Here’s a shortlist of our favorites:


Gold's Gym San Antonio Valley Hi is your home for strength and conditioning. They offer free weights, cardio equipment as well as group exercise classes that will get you in shape faster than ever before. The gym has a team of certified personal trainers ready to help motivate anyone on whatever level they are at with working out.

The Skylark Bowling Center features lanes with the latest automatic scoring technology and has exciting nightlife. There are great daytime open bowling specials, squadron functions for large groups of people to enjoy together or as family outings any time they want it all under one roof. Come, and have some fun bowling on a cool, air-conditioned floor while taking advantage of all that this awesome place has to offer.

  • Skateland West | 2327 SW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78227, United States

Skateland West has been a favorite of San Antonio residents. The skating rink is open year-round and offers roller skating, skateboarding, and ice skating in the winter. Skateland features a snack bar with various food items as well as arcade games that are available to play during your visit. They also offer private party rooms for all occasions. Whether you're looking to have some fun on wheels or just want to take a turn around the rink, Skatelands' staff will be happy to accommodate any request.

Living in Valley High North in San Antonio


Valley High North is a great neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas. It's close to most of the conveniences that any family needs. There are also lots of parks and the people here are very friendly. With all this potential it might be difficult for you to decide if Valley High North is the right place for your family. Fortunately, there are many reasons why living in Valley High North would be perfect for your life.

Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

The faith community of St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church and Archdiocese San Antonio are followers in spreading God's Good News to those who need it most with love for all people no matter their situation or stage. They welcome you here at their church where they will stop at nothing until every person has been helped through prayerful actions like giving food from your table; helping out when someone needs a job done around the home so they can get back on track financially- this way life doesn't have them wondering.

Chapel Hill Methodist Church is a group of Christians totaling over 8 million in the United States alone. In addition, United Methodists can be found around the world sharing their faith with open hearts and minds so that they may live out Jesus’ call to love God supremely. The Christian faith is like an ever-flowing river; it begins at its source – Jesus Christ-and then divides into smaller rivers or streams along its journey forward towards eternity.

Mighty Fortress Christian is a place where you can grow in your spiritual development, serve on the team’s ministry and make an impact for Jesus. They believe that God has called each one of us at Mighty to accomplish something special; it's up to the Christians themselves what this entails but they help available through their resources if needed. Whether recently committed or long-time followers – if you're looking to grow in your faith then this may just be an opportunity right up your alley. They want more than anything else to see people grow spiritually.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Valley High North in San Antonio


If you're looking for a good time in San Antonio, look no further than Valley High North. This area has many points of interest to offer visitors, including parks and schools. Visitors can also enjoy the scenic views from this location as it is surrounded by beautiful trees and other natural features. 

Here’s a short list all located in Valley High North:  

Rayburn Middle is a school located in San Antonio, TX. The student population of Rayburn middle can be attributed to its large city setting and serves grade 6 to 8 students at any given time which makes it one of the more populated schools within this district's boundaries with regards to total enrollment numbers 980. Rayburn has many unique programs that help students excel in different areas of study like Science and Math.

Valley Hi Elementary School is a public school and a great place to learn and grow. The faculty and staff are wonderful, they make you feel like family.  They work hard to provide the best possible education for their students. There is also an after-school program with STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) activities and field trips that help build your knowledge of those subjects even more.

Rainbow Hills Park is a 1.3 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail. The path can be used by walkers or runners to get in shape year-round as well. Rainbow Hills Park is a park where you can come and relax with your family. It has lots of green space, soccer fields, basketball courts, and picnic areas for all to enjoy. Two playgrounds have swings, slides, seesaws, and other great things for kids to play on.

The Stablewood Farms Park is a great place to go if you want to have a fun time with your family. There are so many things that kids can do here, and there's something for everyone. The park has an animal farm, a small lake with paddle boats available for rent, and plenty of picnic areas. It's also open from sunrise until sunset which means it never gets too hot or cold.

The Johnston Branch Library has interfiled the adult and juvenile non-fiction books on its shelves so that all subjects may be found together, regardless of reading level or several illustrations. The Johnston Branch Library is honor-bound to the memory of Leah Carter Johnston, San Antonio Public Library’s first Children's Librarian. Mrs. Johnstone established a department dedicated specifically for kids in 1922 and served as their librarian until 1955.

Map From Valley High North to Our Location

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