Top 9 Delivery Restaurants in East Memphis, Tennessee | Summer Ave Location

We know finding the best restaurant to get delicious take-out delivered to your door near Summer Avenue in East Memphis can be difficult, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best delivery joints near Grahamwood, Berclair and Hedgehills in East Memphis so you can make your choice wisely.  Each place offers amazing cuisine at great prices that you should be sure to check out on your next night in! If you know another delivery location that should also be included in our list – or one that should be removed – please let us know!

1. Garibaldi’s Pizza

3530 Walker Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38111, United States

About: Since 1975, Garibaldi’s has been a locally operated Memphis institution offering high-quality Italian cuisine at reasonable rates. Since opening the first Garibaldi’s Pizza on Walker Avenue near the University of Memphis, they have opened two more: one in Germantown’s Market Square Business Center and the other on Mt. Moriah Road in East Memphis’ heartland. Dine-in, carry-out, and home/office delivery are all available, as well as catering. At both of these sites, they have been employing members of their community for nearly 40 years. They have always strived to provide outstanding customer service, deliver high-quality goods at fair prices, and maintain a family environment for both customers and employees at Garibaldi’s. Their menu has been carefully crafted to appeal to virtually all. Handcrafted pizzas, fresh salads with house dressings, sandwiches and pastas with your choice of sauce, as well as a variety of appetizers and desserts are all accessible. Their breads, doughs, and sauces are made fresh everyday in their kitchen using only the finest ingredients.


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2. Wang’s Mandarin House

544 S Highland Street, Memphis, Tennessee 38111, United States

About: Wang’s Mandarin House Express offers authentic and delicious tasting Chinese cuisine in Memphis, TN. Wang’s Mandarin House’s convenient location and affordable prices make their restaurant a natural choice for dine-in and take-out meals in the Memphis community. The restaurant is known for its varieties of taste and fresh ingredients. Come and experience their friendly atmosphere and excellent service.


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3. Ubee’s

521 S Highland Street, Memphis, Tennessee 38111, United States

About: UBEE began as a who and evolved into a what. Yes, that’s right. It’s an institution, a symbol, a larger-than-life figure. UBEE, you see, was a basketball and football fan. During halftime, he still had a hankering for a burger. However, they didn’t have the same flavor as the ones he made at home. As a result, UBEE wanted to make his own. He persuaded the lovely Mrs. UBEE to prepare a picnic basket with all the fixings. He then set up his grill, and last but not least, he collected the grease from his own kitchen. Single home game, he drove it all the way from his house to the parking lot. It wasn’t just some grease, either. No, sir, this was meticulously selected, aged, and distributed. The kind of grease that elevates a burger to a new level, bringing a smile to your lips and a blessed burp to your lips – the kind that cures a hangover. “Go get a slice of that grease,” they’d say when they heard about UBEE’S burgers. They did, in fact, succeed. Fans simply followed their noses, driven by their grumbling stomachs. Game after game, season after season, UBEE returned… and a legend was born. It was known as Grease for Peace during the freelove hippie era. And in UBEE, draft dodgers, GIs, police, and commies will all be eating burgers together.

4. 901 Pizza

6155 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38119, United States

About: 901 Pizza is a local pizza shop centrally located on Poplar in East Memphis. 901 Pizza is partnered with Uber Eats, Door Dash and Slice in addition to having their drivers deliver within a three-mile radius. They serve delectable salads, delicious bone-in and boneless wings, and delectable desserts. They’re still a proud distributor of Coca-Cola products. 901 Pizza creates their pizzas and dishes with you in mind, and they would never give you something they wouldn’t eat.They use Grande Cheese, a top-rated cheese company known for its pure cheeses. Their mozzarella is shredded and contains no additives. After you’ve finished your delicious pizza, try one of their two delectable desserts. Hot and gooey, their chocolate chip cookies are the perfect complement to a delicious pizza. If cookies aren’t your thing, try their decadent New York cheesecake instead.


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5. Domino’s Pizza

550 S Highland Street, Memphis, Tennessee 38111, United States

About: Domino’s Pizza has grown from modest beginnings as a single pizza restaurant in 1960 to become the world leader in pizza delivery today. From the beginning, they’ve been committed to making and serving great pizza using high-quality ingredients. Furthermore, they are continually updating and expanding their pizza menu in order to meet the changing needs of their customers. Hand-tossed and thin-crust pizzas with a wide range of toppings are available at Domino’s Pizza. Do you want two pizzas in one? Order their Half and Half Pizza to get a taste of two different pizza flavors in one. Artisan Bread, Chef-inspired Pastas, Baked Chicken products (chicken kickers and baked wings), and amazing sides like Potato Wedges are all available as side dishes. They also offer delectable desserts to please your sweet tooth. Desserts include Pizza Desserts such as their one-of-a-kind Apple Crumble and Choco Crisp Pizza, delectable Marbled Cookie Brownies and Cinnabites, and decadent Lava Cakes (Choco Lava and Java Lava Cakes). They also proudly serve Coca-Cola® ice cold. They also proudly serve icy cold Coca-Cola® products.


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6. Tamboli’s Pasta & Pizza

1761 Madison Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38104, United States

About: Tamboli Nazzareno In 1909, he arrived in the Mid-South as part of a group of people known as the Delta Italians. The Italians from the Delta arrived in search of fertile land and good work. Nazzareno did not enjoy picking cotton and returned to the Adriatic coast of Italy shortly after. However, his son Ruggero (Roy) remained in Mississippi, hoping for better fortune. Many Delta Italians made a living growing vegetables for the market and established the “truck farming” industry, which is now known as “market gardening.” Miles Tamboli continued the Delta Italians’ tradition of growing seasonal produce for the farmers’ market. Miles began making pasta and other Italian products to sell after visiting the Tamboli homeland. The Tambolis are now proud to serve Memphians at Tamboli’s Pasta & Pizza, where they can express their passion for new Italian-inspired foods. At Tamboli’s Pasta & Pizza, their number one goal is to feed you well. Their philosophy goes beyond portion size or product quality; they source their ingredients intentionally from local providers and hand-craft them into your meal so that they know you’re eating the best food they can produce. That way you can know you’re playing a vital role in the local economy by supporting local farmers. Feeding people well also means cultivating a lively, nourishing space. They are here to have a good time. Their building has been in their family for decades, and when you eat with them, you’re at the family table.

7. Mellow Mushroom Memphis

5138 Park Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38117, United States

About: Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974. The franchise is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is operated by Home-Grown Industries of Georgia, Inc. Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers has been delivering freshly made stone-baked pizzas to order in an eclectic, art-filled, and family-friendly setting for more than 40 years. Each Mellow is independently owned and run, with a distinct atmosphere centered on excellent customer service and high-quality food. Mellow is a state of mind, a culture, a way of being. Their mission is to provide delicious food in a fun and creative environment. They are the originators of hand tossed, stone baked classic southern pizza. Their spring water crust is unique and flavorful, and all their pies are made with high quality, fresh ingredients. Their philosophy is to elevate the dining experience with a higher order of pizza. The Bake Bus is not your average food trailer – it’s a mobile pizza party, complete with good tunes, hot slices, and a chill atmosphere. The heady, pizza-slinging crew have a passion for baking up yummy goodness wherever they may be, and it’s always made with love. The Bake Bus generally shows up at festivals, concerts, breweries, and sporting events. Their mission: To help the masses Mellow down easy.


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8. Ciao Bella Italian Grill

565 Erin Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 38117, United States

About: For over ten years, Ciao Bella Italian Grill has provided excellent food and service to Memphis and the surrounding Midsouth. To provide their customers with a special place to host birthdays, receptions, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, and other private gatherings, they have extended their dinner and dessert menus, opened a full service bar & lounge, and designed private banquet rooms. If you prefer to dine in the warm ambiance of their main dining room, dine al fresco on their patio, enjoy a romantic dinner in their Grotto, have a drink while watching your favorite team play on the big screens in their lounge, or host a party in their private banquet room, you will find a warm, welcoming atmosphere while enjoying the finest Italian and Greek cuisine.


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9. Mulan Asian Bistro East

4698 Spottswood Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38117, United States

About: The restaurant, which is located in the lovely city of Memphis, is committed to providing you with the most enjoyable dining experience possible. They invite you to enjoy delectable Asian cuisine, attentive service, and a refined ambiance. To prepare healthy food, they choose only the freshest, natural ingredients. They have focused all of their efforts on creating a warm and welcoming environment in which you can appreciate not only a delicious meal but also the genuine atmosphere. If you are a frequent diner or a first-time visitor, the owner and all of the staff will extend a warm welcome to you. They have worked tirelessly to build the cleanest and tidiest dining environment possible, as well as to ensure that you receive polite and prompt service. In their restaurant, they will pay attention to all of your requests and thoughts.

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