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Electronic cigarettes have been around for years now, but a lot of people still don’t seem to know exactly what’s in the vape. A lot of people , especially U.S. lawmakers, seem to think that tobacco is in. What’s with cancer-causing chemicals and toxic heavy metals? The media have always argued that someone has found cancer-causing chemical and toxic heavy metals. Some people also think Antifreeze is in it, too.

If you want to know what’s really in the vape, then keep reading and know more about what’s really in the vape.

The Main Components

The absolute minimum of e-cigarette liquids consists of three main components: flavors, sweeteners and solvents. 

Solvents are substances used to dissolve either nicotine or marijuana-derived compounds, including THC or CBD, so that they can be inhaled. The most commonly used solvents in vapes are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. (THC is a high-level marijuana compound; CBD or cannabidiol is also found in marijuana, but has no psychoactive effect.)

Sweeteners include sucralose and maltol ethyl. E-liquid flavors are wide-ranging and can be read as a wine tasting: “notes of vanilla” or “berries and herbal notes.”

Flavorings are the last component in a vape. E-liquid does not really taste much of it on its own. If it contains nicotine, it has a slight peppery taste, and both VG and PG are slightly sweet, but it’s not really something most people want to steam. The answer is to use food-safe flavorings to create a wide range of liquids that people enjoy.

Not all food flavorings can be used; some ingredients – diacetyl, for example – are safe to eat but not to inhale. A few flavors use an oil base that isn’t great to inhale either. Luckily, there is a wide range of vape-safe flavors to choose from.

All of these ingredients — solvents, sweeteners and flavours — are considered “generally recognized as safe” by the Food and Drug Administration. But this designation refers only to when these compounds are consumed as food. The ingredients have different properties when heated to aerosol, and little is known about the effects these ingredients have on the human body when inhaled.


This is one of the most controversial things you ‘re going to find in a vape. According to others, e-liquid mixed with nicotine is a scheme that makes children addicted to tobacco. In reality, if you do not inhale cigarette smoke, the nicotine is not all that addictive. It is crucial, however, that if you use an e-cig to quit smoking, you get enough nicotine to fulfill your desire.

There’s a lot of hysteria about nicotine, but the reality isn’t that much to worry about. Nobody has ever found some proof of addictive purity of nicotine. While many attempts to find evidence, it has also never been connected to any form of cancer. At high doses, the nicotine is poisonous, but the volume of e-liquid does not pose any danger whatsoever. Although some people claimed that it wouldn’t kill you to have a few drops on your skin. You can actually fill your hand with a whole flask and it won’t kill you, just rinse off it.

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