What Medical Conditions Has CBD Impacted? Part 6 | San Antonio | Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary

Movement Disorders & Chronic Pain

Movement disorders and chronic pain diseases such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and tendonitis, have been studied in laboratories and have found a high level of success in numerous cases. According to a study done by Sativex, CBD product users who suffered from chronic muscle pains and movement disorders felt less flare ups during their stint on  CBD products, as well as gained movement in some areas. Researchers also found regression in some movement disorder cases, showing that CBD products not only slow the disease’s progression but improves patients’ some movement.

As more and more studies are being done on various types of muscle diseases and movement disorders, CBD products are being found amongst those suffering from medical ailments. With such high success rates while using CBD products and lower side effects, it is seen that more patients are choosing natural CBD products over pharmaceutical companies. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) petroleum has continuously attained popularity as a natural approach to pain relief for many individuals with chronic pain. In the therapy of prevalent circumstances such as arthritis and back pain, cannabidiol is sometimes promoted as an option to pain medication as a compound discovered in the marijuana plant.

According to a study released in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, the use of cannabis for pain relief goes back to ancient China. It is believed that by decreasing inflammation, CBD oil may help relieve chronic pain in portion. Furthermore, it is said that CBD oil promotes sounder sleep and in turn treats sleep disturbance frequently encountered by individuals with chronic pain.

Researchers believe that in your brain and immune system, CBD interacts with receptors. Receptors are small proteins that are connected to your cells that obtain chemical signals from various stimuli and assist your cells react. This produces anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving impacts that assist control pain. This implies that individuals with chronic pain, such as chronic back pain, may profit from CBD oil.

A 2008 reviewTrusted Source evaluated how well CBD operates to alleviate chronic pain. Studies undertaken between the early 1980s and 2007 were examined in the evaluation. Based on these studies, scientists found that CBD was efficient without negative side impacts in general pain leadership.

One hundred million Americans live with chronic pain, according to The National Academies ‘ Institute of Medicine. Chronic pain can boost healthcare expenses and have an adverse effect on workplace productivity, along with a drastic reduction in quality of life.

Common chronic pain types include: cancer pain Fibromyalgia Headaches Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Low back pain Migraines Multiple sclerosis pain Neuropathic pain Osteoarthritis Temporomandibular disorder (often called “TMJ”)

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