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A large number of CBD users are also those suffering from epilepsy. Since epilepsy is a neurological disorder, there is not much doctors and medical staff can recommend other than invasive surgeries that focus on sending energy waves to the brain. Because some patients do not feel as though this is an option for them, they have opted for CBD products to reduce their seizures and lessen the stress felt by their nervous system. In some cases, CBD oil has been found to quickly stop a seizure once it has begun and in others it has shown to improve their nervous systems receptiveness. Below are a few more examples that show how CBD products have helped those suffering from epilepsy:

  • A child who regularly suffered from debilitating seizures found relief after the first use of CBD oil in his gums. Both his mother and father found it extremely helpful because it allowed their child to develop typically once he was able to interact without worrying about having a seizure.
  • After an unfortunate car accident, a young woman found herself struggling with seizures due to her stress levels at work. Although she felt as though her only choice was to quit her job, she found an article explaining the benefits marijuana and CBD products has on people suffering from seizures. After doing further research, she was able to apply for and become eligible to take CBD products for her condition. Over time, her seizures stopped completely and she was able to further her career at her job. 

Seizures are triggered by erratic electrical brain activity that can spread and trigger uncontrolled physical movement and/or awareness changes. Most anti-seizure medicines operate by stopping the brain’s exciting nerve activity.

However, medicines that are not frequently used for most kinds of epilepsy may be used to treat LGS and Dravet syndrome. In addition, they often involve two or more anti-seizure medicines to regulate seizures.

Prescription CBD is suggested specifically for LGS and Dravet syndrome seizure control.

LGS is an early infancy developmental disease associated by various kinds of seizures and physical and cognitive deficits. LGS seizures are hard to manage and are handled with a drug regimen distinct from the one used for most forms of epilepsy.

Dravet syndrome is an early infancy developmental disorder affiliated with various kinds of seizures as well as fever-induced seizures. People with Dravet syndrome often have problems with behavior and teaching.

Whether you or a family member suffers from epilepsy or has regular seizures, CBD oil may be a great option. Depending on the age of the patient and the severity of their condition, they might be eligible for legal CBD products to help lessen the amounts of episodes/ occurrences. If you are legally eligible for the usage of CBD products, we would be more than happy to help you choose the right CBD infused products for you!

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