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Ryan VandenBussche lived his younger days, and others thought that he was a dream. At 19 he played hockey, first in the minor leagues and then went into great hockey in the NHL. He was regarded over 14 years as one of the most influential players of the League. But it came at a cost, that badge of honor. Big bones, surgeries and more than 20 concussions led to almost twenty centuries of large accidents, loose puck fights and naked bangers. Scars cured, but pain persisted. If he chose to get through the rabbit painkiller hole, the dream might have been a nightmare for Vanden Busche. But he did not. Instead, he discovered cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of the 100 + chemicals or cannabinoids found in cannabis crops otherwise referred to as CBD. CBD can not get you high in contrast to its near chemical cousin tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. What it can do, presumably, is to help individuals better sleep, enhance muscle development and help with more serious circumstances such as epilepsy.

One of the most important alleged advantages of CBD is its pain management potential, which has produced an unlikely fresh crop of cannabis proponents like VandenBussche: professionals who know how to overcome pain to carry on at the highest stage of work. Dozens of former and current pro-athlons openly supported additional clinical tests and complete access to CBD. Some organisations have been established, such as Athletes for Care, which provides sports resources, encourages further research and encourages the use of CBD. Others have gone to CBD or cannabis businesses to invest or to partner. Athletes acting as hypemen for hemp seem to be successful; CBD was removes from the list of prohibited substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2018. With more athletes ready to enter the spotlight on marijuana, there are a few early adopters who are concerned why they support CBD. Like many individuals, Vanden Bussche learnt about CBD with his own diligence and word of mouth. Once he tried it, he came to the conclusion that other people had to know as well. 

“It is better than the alternative as a 14-year-old pro athlete who has had a dozen operations, several broken bones and 20 congestions north,” Vanden Busche shared with MensHealth.com. “As athletes, our team physicians gave us opiates. I’m surprised that I still am alive, looking back after years.” Now Vanden Bussche teaches others what CBD can and can not do for you. “I have so much faith in the healing characteristics of this plant that I bought a 64-acre farm and applied for health in 2013,” he said. He’s working at the moment to transform this farm into medical cannabis for years to come. Like Vanden Bussche, after listening to it time and again Ahrens went to find CBD for himself. Ahrens spent many years using opioids to handle his chronic after-playing pain prior to attempting the CBD, one of 136 former Indianapolis Colts players named in the 2011 NFL Concussion Law. “I had a 10-year career in playing[ 1981-1990]. In that moment, I took more pain pills than most individuals did in their lives.” Ahrens, who also works as an Athletes  advocate for Care Athletes, informed MensHealth.com about the advantages of CBD much sooner.

“I am now very aware that the way to handle what I call recovery is much better and longer lasting,” he said, adding that it all involves enabling an athlete— professional or otherwise — to live his or her best lives. “Who you are doesn’t matter. We must all handle these stuff in order to live better lives without taking a tub of pharmaceutical medication, which usually generates dependence. We must find a way to be better, in order to take care of our players the way we should.”

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