What You Eat Might Make Your CBD Oil Work Even Better | San Antonio | Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is now a multi-million dollar business. A big motivator for that movement is through athletes discovering quick pain relief, quicker recovery, better sleep and seemingly even more benefits. However CBD is not just for athletes, and many people swear by it for different various reasons. It is becoming more common in the household, with some even calling it a “miracle drug”. Some argue that taking CBD gives a significant advantage, while others find its impact at best insignificant. There are a slew of variables affect how well, including the type, the amount, and even your genes when it comes to how people react to CBD.

Studies in the Epilepsia magazine now show that food you eat along with your CBD supplement can dramatically influence your body’s consumption–and that can play a part in the effectiveness of the compound. Eight adults have been included in the tiny study, who have been prescribed CBD for epilepsy-relevant seizures. In the first portion of the survey, half of the participants were instructed to eat  a high-fat breakfast bread of 850 calories with 52 percent fat, within 30 minutes after their CBD oil. The other half were instructed to take their CBD oil right after waking up, and to eat breakfast about four hours later. Both groups then switched to the other’s routine after two weeks. 

The blood drawn from the entire research project showed that food does indeed have a significant effect on the absorption of CBD. Those who ate the breakfast burrito experienced an average rise of 14 times in their peak concentrations of CBD over the use of the supplement without food. The complete CBD absorbed in their bodies quadrupled with the morning heavy fat meal.

The scientists also found that CBD has to be taken with food in order to maximize absorption, so as that a low-fat meal does not have the same impact on absorption as a greater fat absorption. It seems to be that CBD is able to be more effective when the consumer has food in their system. This is not unlike other medications, in which people are specifically instructed not to take unless they have had food within the last 30 mins. 

“Typically, the quantity of CBD that is absorbed into the body can create a big difference. Although fatty foods can boost the intake of CBD, the variability may also be increased because not everyone’s products have the same quantity of fat,” Angela Birnbaum, a Ph.D in the School of Pharmacology, stated  in her press release.

If you discover that your CBD sometimes seems to work sometimes better than others, it could be worth checking your diet and attempting to use the supplement with the same kind of food to achieve the most consistent outcomes, despite taking that same brand and dosage. The diet is proving to be a key factor when it comes to the results and outcomes of consuming CBD.

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